Horror in the Graveyard

Folks – I cannot say how shocked I am by this. I will leave Rob at Greenwich.co.uk to tell the tale but basically, a large number of ancient headstones at St Alfege’s churchyard – the ones that surrounded the perimeter – have been reduced to hardcore. It’s unclear exactly who did this yet, but the horror is that the vandalism does not seem to have been mindless – it was sanctioned – and just now it seems that the very ‘friends’ of St Alfege park are those responsible.

I am speechless.

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  1. cerletone says:

    “the Friends of St Alfege Park”.

    With friends like that… A bloody disgrace regardless of who did it.

  2. In tears says:

    Speechless is better than the words that spring to our lips. And there’s the crying over the lack of understanding – the lack of humanity – which appreciates the value of every person, including the dead.

  3. Carina H says:

    The people behind St. Alfege are a heartless as well as a mindless bunch. They also seems to wage war against the greenery around the church. In the 90ies there were 2 fine trees on the side of the north entrance to the grounds, making it a pleasant view when you approched from Nelson Road, this is gone, making the area outside the church towards the bookmaker and St. Alfege Passage look like a dog toilet. A year ago they drastically reduced the crown of a fine tree at the entrance opposite Nat West. I went to the church and explained that big trees are ecological wonders: putting out oxygen and grabbing CO2, they did not know that. Maybe they like Ronald Reagan thought trees caused pollution. Keep Greenwich Green! Keep our Air Clean!

  4. Old China says:

    What earthly reason could they have for doing this? What plans do they have for the space if not for grave stones???

  5. Yimby says:

    I was pretty horrified when I heard this so went to have a look yesterday. I was relieved to see that many headstones and memorials remain elsewhere in the park. As far as I could tell they did not get further than destroying headstones that had been laid up against the East wall of the park.

  6. Bob says:

    Please take photos and post a link

  7. P & D says:


    The link is in the second sentence of Phantoms article (Greenwich.co.uk) and contains photos.

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  9. martin heap says:

    a monumental cock-up

    this should not have happened but it has,sadly we cannot glue the pieces back together. The lack of supervision that led to this disaster is lamentable, however these are good people who I am sure feel awful enough-what are we going to do have them prosecuted? A great deal of unpaid voluntary work has gone into this project leave it alone and lets put it behind us.