Knife Edge

We have Art back in the Park.

Doff of the tricorn to Stephen who hot-footed it to Greenwich Park to see Henry Moore’s Knife Edge reinstated – at least for the short term. Cheers Stephen.

Interestingly the old concrete plinth that we’ve got so used to over the last four or five years seems to have had a makeover too, into a smooth cylinder that I don’t remember – but then I guess maybe I wouldn’t…

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knife edge 2 low
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knife edge stephen
knife edge stephen

11 Comments to “Knife Edge”

  1. Paul says:

    Great news! But why “at least for the short term”?

    You can’t build us up just to knock us down like that!

  2. scared of chives says:

    man…that makes me so happy…

  3. Stephen says:

    I hadn’t noticed the plinth has changed. Here is the original one which appeared at this forum no less.

  4. Stephen says:

    Have just noticed this from the same article, you were right Phantom.

    “Maybe we should be using the Olympic Panacea to get it back.”

  5. Paul says:

    My recollection is that it had that cylindrical plinth originally, which must have slotted on top of the concrete base.

    Implausible it might be, but I’ve been told the concrete base originally supported an AA gun from WWII – which would suggest Moore, or an assistant, improvised its position making use of what was available.

    Apparently the Phantom’s ‘at least for the short term’ reference is to the fact it’s been returned initially for a period of two years.Let’s hope we can make it permanent.

  6. LG says:

    Delighted to see it back. I believe it’s absence came down to a dispute over how much the Park was willing to insure it for against possible damage.

    It has been sorely missed, so it’s great to see it back and for that part of the park to revert to its denuded status.

    Let’s hope this two year period is an extendable trial.

  7. WM Seymour says:

    I have a photo of the statue on what appears to be the identical cylindrical base taken in Sept. 2003. Also, curiously, one of the cylindrical base alone in Feb. 2002

  8. So – it’s definitely changed situation since then. Though nagging at the back of my mind I vaguely remember hearing Moore didn’t like its original position and wanted one looking out over the view (don’t we all…)

  9. Paul says:

    that photo is another version I believe, in Dublin.

  10. Stephen says:

    Thanks for correcting my error Paul

    Henry Moore sculptured his one in 1976.