Take It Off!

‘A Customer’ says:

I was walking by the KING WILLIAM IV HOTEL, 155 TRAFALGAR ROAD, GREENWICH, LONDON, SE10 9TX a while back and I asked the men who were building there what their plans were. They explained that they were going to turn it into a strip bar. I thought I should let you know. I’m sure you join with me in questioning whether or not this is the new Heart Of East Greenwich we all need.

Here we go again. Yes, it is something that we can debate and we could get our collective knickers in a twist – but ultimately a strip club is only as successful as its patrons make it. And it’s already been proved that there just isn’t the appetite amongst East Greenwich grubby mac-wearers for such pole-and-latex-oriented shenanigans.

Thing is, we’ve all been here before. Trafalgar Road cannot support an amusement arcade, a bookies, an off-licence OR a strip club. We just don’t do sleaze very well round here. People thrashed and lashed against the tartan-clad ladies of Angie McNabs under the old cinema for months before sheer lack of customers closed them down far more effectively than any residents’ group could, however outraged. Even the ghastly Old Friends was far more interested in Roger Romantic singing songs of love than saucy girlies.

I’m not saying don’t fight against it if you feel that strongly (though it could be hard to fight, since it may already have an entertainment license and the relevant council info says it’s a hotel). And it’s not something I’m wild about – I’d far rather another decent pub was created – something to rival the Pelton Arms or the Vanbrugh – both excellent places, and, as far as I know, both doing much, much better than any of the grubbier pubs round here. It’s a good-looking building and, apart from a noticeable lack of outside space should be an excellent venue for a really decent establishment that could rival the Guildford or Ashburnham over in the west.  But here’s the drill: Fight. Fight. Fight. Lose. Place closes down anyway.

IMHO the answer to all this is just to get the bloomin’ Heart of East Greenwich development built. If there’s a thriving, buzzing community somewhere, there’s less reason to fill shops/pubs with ‘inappropriate’ ( a loaded term, of course) tenants. If we don’t want a bookies, don’t want an amusement arcade, don’t want a strip-club, then it’s up to us to go to the shops we do want, and make sure that large areas of building land empty for years are given a new lease of life. Fighting stuff clip-joint by clip-joint?  That way madness lies.

I daresay mine is not the final word on the subject and I hereby declare the East Greenwich strip-club-debate well and truly open.

Then of course, those builders might have been ‘avin’ a larf just to wind up outraged East Greenwich citizens, and it’s actually going to be a special creche-based wine bar with Lovely Trendy Stuff ®  going on in every room. I’ve not heard of this strip-thing elsewhere, from any source, we just have their word. Just a thought…

13 Comments to “Take It Off!”

  1. Dan says:

    While we’re on the subject of decent shops on that part of Trafalgar Rd, there’s the excellent new L’Artisan French deli at 93 Trafalgar Rd that exemplifies what Monsieur Phantom is talking about. Tres bon! (I don’t work there).

  2. Willis says:

    The proposals listed on the website
    quite clearly show the change of use to HOTEL.
    The drawings also detail hotel refit works.

  3. In that case it looks as though the builders WERE ‘aving a larf, and we really don’t have anything to worry about. I’m just glad we’re keeping the building.

  4. Katharine says:

    I have checked the plans for this online and the planning use change application says change of use from entertainment to hotel. I rather think the builders were pulling your leg. I live off Trafalgar Road and the betting shop on the corner is doing a roaring trade so I don’t share your confidence that such a club wouldn’t appeal. As for the heart of Greenwich development saving the day, I read it consists of a massive sports centre that will not only see the closure of the much loved Arches but also several other pools in the local area. No doubt there will be another ‘local’ supermarket thrown in there too.

  5. Chris says:

    My brother used to work in the building trade and a favourite wind up was to say a building was going to be a lap dancing bar.

    Others were a ‘Care in the Community’ half way house, a brothel following the change in the law (didn’t you read about it in the paper love?) or a club called ‘Rubberland’.

    Is it me or are we seeing rather too many of these somewhat tatty and seedy hotels anyway? (Antigallican, Angerstein etc spring to mind.)

  6. Old China says:

    Hotel? Dammit, I was hanging out for the strip club!

  7. Robert Number 16 says:

    Dear Phantom
    Hope your well. When I started “doing” B&B 100 years ago in Greenwich in Trinity Grove (how I did it I can`t think) I had a real “Saf East”cleaning lady.
    She said “I wan t giv u sum adVICE luv.My mum ran a B&B un your missin a trick”She told me that her mum made sure the guests were out by 9.am and not back before 6 in the evening. Mum then rented the rooms by the hour to “her girls” I said “It must have been a lot of work changing the sheets after the “girls” had finished”
    “Naaaaaaaaaaa,mum only changed the sheets if they were relly mucky” she said.
    I have to say I never took her up on her idea.

  8. scared of chives says:

    well, that spoiled my lunch…

  9. cerletone says:

    I heard that the hotel was to become a strip club too. I also heard that the Royal Observatory is to become a licenced brothel and the Painted Hall a massage parlour. I believe the cellars of the Queen’s House are to be used to cultivate cannabis, whilst the Cutty Sark will be refloated and used to import goods in the dead of night thus avoiding import duties. Honestly so what if it is a strip club? Better than another bloody charity or mobile phone shop.

  10. Robert Number 16 says:

    Well said Cerletone!!

  11. Michael says:

    Another hotel ? ? There are already several being built simultaneously, even Hardy’s down the road tried it on last year (turned down). Blackheath Bugle says an estate agents on the Standard is applying to become yet another betting shop too.

    At least this pub would be occupied, and doesn’t look as though they have spoilt the beauty of the building though, so that’s good.

  12. David Carson says:

    I have it on good authority that the ground floor will be split as a bar and restaurant (Indian) and the upstairs bed and breakfast accommodation

  13. David Carson says:

    I have it on very good authority that the downstairs will be a bar and restaurant (Indian) and the upstairs will be accommodation…..