Polishing the Palace

Can’t think what’s prompted the NMM to give the Queen’s House a spruce up, but hey, I’m not complaining. Stephen tells me that a few stones need lifting and replacing but this is really just a general spit-and-polish before the Big Year of Olympic-Jubileeness.

The guy Stephen spoke to told him that after this it won’t need any work doing for twenty years, which is probably a good thing since post 2012 I can’t see anything being done to anything for somewhat longer than that.

When they’ve finished there, they’re moving onto the NMM building itself. I wonder if they could be persuaded to move their scaff and paint pots to the Trafalgar Tavern? It’s looking particularly flaky just now, though I daresay the weeds growing out of the gutter could be argued as being a ‘green roof.’

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queens house scaff low
queens house scaff low

4 Comments to “Polishing the Palace”

  1. P & D says:

    Yay!!! More scaffolding. I wish I had shares :-(

  2. Brenda says:

    It’s a good job the person that Stephen spoke to didn’t tell him they were renovating it to become a lap dancing establishment.

    Now that would have caused trouble!

  3. Stephen says:

    I forgot to mention that integrated lighting (for the outside) is also going to be installed.

  4. Spotter says:

    According to the staff (today) the work follows the use of the Queens House as a set for the new Sherlock Holmes movie as well as being a general exterior spruce-up.