Mini Me

Okay, so I’m not normally a careers broker, but this job is so peculiarly Greenwich that somehow it seems only right to advertise it here.

Robert at Number 16 needs someone to be him.

I know – that’s quite a thought – but this is not for personal TV appearances or interviewing celebrities on Robert’s Full English Breakfast, this is rather more hands-on.

He tells me that Number 16 is ‘beyond busy’ and he needs

‘somebody who would like to work by stepping in at a moment’s notice to run the B and B business. The work will involve cooking breakfast, making beds, answering phones, taking bookings, meeting and greeting and generally having fun ! Qualifications are huge character, charm and a willingness to work hard.’

He admits it’s not a job for everybody – the last person he had ended up in tears at the sheer graft of it all (and frankly you wouldn’t catch me working in the hospitality business. I can never get over arriving at a hotel, chatting to my dinner waiter, then seeing the guy later at the desk, going to bed and being served by the same person at breakfast before seeing them at dinner again. When do these people sleep?)

But as B&Bs go, you don’t get much more Greenwich than Number 16 and this is NOT a full-time job; it sounds more like an as-and-when type position, so you would get at least some sleep. Robert hasn’t told me how much it’s worth, but it IS a paid position and he wants someone that understands Greenwich and the way the place works which is why he’s asked me to pass on the request.

If you’re interested, do contact him directly:

As I say, this is a one-off. For everyone else, I promise I won’t make a habit of it…

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St Alfeges Guesthouse
St Alfeges Guesthouse

2 Comments to “Mini Me”

  1. cerletone says:

    I’m ready for my close up Mr DeMille…

  2. Dazza says:

    ‘Qualifications are huge character, charm and a willingness to work hard.’- Mr Gray to a ‘T’.
    Anyone know of any cooking classes that deal with Ranges……and bed making….and room cleaning…..oh, hell, I mean anyone know how to run a B&B? LOL