Know Your Boundaries

Other people have discussed this better than I could, but I couldn’t let it pass completely. Adam says

“I see that the boundary commission is proposing to cut Greenwich into two in their new proposals: map here).”

In Greenwich, we propose a Woolwich constituency that contains eight wards, including three (Abbey Wood, Plumstead, and Thamesmead Moorings) from the existing Erith and Thamesmead constituency. The
remaining two wards (Blackheath Westcombe and Greenwich West) from the existing Greenwich and Woolwich constituency are included in a Deptford and Greenwich constituency, together with six Lewisham
wards, including one (Blackheath) from the existing Lewisham East constituency.

Adam says:

So West Greenwich, Westcombe Park and most of Blackheath is going to go in to ‘Deptford and Greenwich” constituency whilst East Greenwich from the ORNC onwards will be in Woolwich? Surely splitting up a well recognised and historic community into two is not a good idea for democratic representation?

Now Darryl over at 853 discusses this in depth and I, frankly, am out of my depth with the whole concept of random-looking lines on a map. But I do have one thought.

I confess the first thing I thought of was of Nick Raynsford having to choose which half of Greenwich he wants to ‘represent,’ and, if it’s in the ‘safest’ half, that will make it that much harder for him to force his developer-chums’ agendas on Greenwich town centre over the views of his actual constituents. It may be too late for the market (gnasssh, grrr) but there are plenty of other places the developers would love to maim that Nick couldn’t directly influence if he wasn’t MP for that bit.

And surely that is some comfort.

2 Comments to “Know Your Boundaries”

  1. Darryl says:

    “Surely splitting up a well recognised and historic community into two is not a good idea for democratic representation?”

    Deptford’s been split between two boroughs as well as two constituencies since Victorian times. So has Blackheath. They survive.

  2. Michael says:

    Although it seems loopy to me to make this split, when other options that better reflect the locality are possible (see comments on the post in, it’s not going to change much.

    I agree with Darryl, and I think that borough boundary anomalies and bizarre divisions are far more significant for local communities. Blackheath, for example, should never have been split between lewisham and Greenwich borough.