Greenwich’s Lost T-Rex TV Tape

There’s an little discussion going on in a very old thread about the first Pay-TV channel,Greenwich Cablevision, a subject about which I knew nothing back in early 2008, and still know very little about in 2011. Sadly the early comments on there were lost in my own digital switchover, but the later ones continue a fascinating conversation between people who remember it.

I was particularly intrigued by a comment that was made last night, and I thought I’d open it to a wider audience since I know there are people out there who might know the answer…

Martin asks:

“Do any of you that worked there recall a programme in July ’72 about Marc Bolan/T.Rex? According to a news item in the music press at the time, there was to be a 30-minute feature on T.Rex’s new LP The Slider. It is the stuff of legend amongst T.Rex fans. I have tried many times to trace it, without success.”

Anyone have any idea? Transpontine? Paul T?

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t rex slider
t rex slider

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