Charlton Bomb Map

Chris has just asked where I got the Charlton Bomb Map from. To be brutally honest I can’t remember; it was in my image-folder unmarked (I’m very bad at putting sources for stuff on my notes) but I’ll put money on it having been something the very fine Stephen from Blitzwalkers who knows more about Greenwich’s war history than anyone else I can think of would have sent me.

I’m sure he can tell you some more, but in the meanwhile his last Greenwich Blitz Walk of this year will be 232rd October – more details can be found on his website.

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charlton bomb damage
charlton bomb damage

10 Comments to “Charlton Bomb Map”

  1. Old China says:

    Ha, I’ll put the 232rd of October in my diary then!

  2. Dan says:

    The whole of London was put on Flickr by a user called yersinia – sadly they’ve been taken down now. (I don’t know if that’s for copyright reasons, so beware!)

  3. steve says:

    This map comes from the LCC Bomb Damage Maps 1939-1945 which was republished some years ago and is now out of print and much sought after. If anyone wants to sell me a copy i’ld be delighted. The maps can I believe be seen at London Metropolitan Archive but it gave a 403 error when I just tried it. Yersinia did have a number of these up on flickr now gone. I have managed to grab a couple of scans of similar maps for Lewisham & Forest Hill. Steve

  4. Chris says:

    What service!


  5. sunay khan says:

    Earlier, Steve mentioned the Metropolitan Archives – I visited only last week as they’ve currently got a small exhibition running specifically based upon the bomb damage map of london, which they have recreated in full across one entire wall. It shows how battered Greenwich was in the bombings (my old places in Hassendean Road, Charlton Road and Woodlands Park Road were seemingly unscathed but the one in Hopedale Road got a bit of a hiding *sob*), but most striking is the area north of the city – I thought the East End got it worst, but at least most places survived – Cripplegate and Clerkenwell and a fair amount of my current stomping ground in Spitalfields (though still a phantomite, GP) were almost obliterated! The exhibition also focuses on several specific stories of the blitz with documents, images and video. I think it ends soon, so get down there if you can.

  6. Yersinia did put all of the bomb maps on Flickr a while back but was warned off by the London Metropolitan Archives for copyright reasons. I don’t think you’ll have a problem with this sort of forum as the readership is somewhat smaller than Flickr! For the local area, the Greenwich Heritage Centre also has copies of all the Greenwich and Woolwich borough bomb maps, which they have no problem with people taking their own digital images of. This is where I obtained this from. Thanks for plugging the 23rd TGP, I’m looking forward to taking the usual nice group of Phantomites for a walk around the area.

  7. Chris says:

    The Phantom Webmaster has waved his magic wand and I can report that I will be joining the tour.

    Looking forward to it hugely.

    Thanks to the others for the info on the London Metropolitan as well.

  8. cerletone says:

    I think I need new glasses, the only thing I can read is CHARLTON and NEW CHARLTON. A lovely picture of pretty lines though GP.

  9. Chris says:

    cerletone – It’s not your specs!

    I can’t read the damn thing either, that’s why I wanted to track it down, so I can actually make out what got a pasting and when!

  10. charz says:

    they have the entire map in the little museum next to the cutty sark, its on a little touch screen computer near the entrance.