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I’ve had all manner of questions about stuff going on in East Greenwich last night, some good, some very, very bad.

First the bad – the cause of one hell of a traffic jam down Woolwich Road. Tim tells me that officialdom was being so ineffectual at directing the traffic around the sidestreets (though to be fair, that would have been harder than usual, but more of that later) that one gallant chap got out of his car and was doing a very nice job of it by himself.

Folks, I have to tell you that it was for no happy reason. A porshe had somehow collided with this car (thanks for the pic, Michael) and although I don’t know how bad the accident actually was, it doesn’t look good.

Anyway, so that was the issue on the main road and the reason for all the emergency vehicles. My thoughts are with the people whose evening was ruined – and I don’t mean the late arrivals at dinner parties. Let’s hope the injuries weren’t as bad as the cars.

But Michael had a question of his own, as did several other people:

No doubt you have heard/seen already, but if not then I must say I was surprised at turning the corner from tranquil buzz outside the Cutty Sark to find police, crew, cameras and virtual daylight around Gibson St and Thornley Place: police lady told me it’s Eastenders being filmed but my friend on Old Woolwich Road says it’s Strictly Come Dancing – certain that you can settle it for us ?

Well, actually, yes, I can. But only because Emma was good enough to send me a picture of it:

Emma tells me

Attached – the view from my rear window for the last few days, taken tonight. My house is a strange little flat wedged in between the corner of three different roads – by back window looks out onto the powerstation and some lovely little streets in the conservation area. They’re filming for one of those BBC adverts – lots of music and dancing down the road in East Greewich (Braddyll Street/Caradoc Street). Dancers are dressed in ball gowns, sparkly orange hotpants, a dressing gown, a post woman, painters sliding down ladders, all sorts! Some very bored looking police keeping the roads closed during filming….

To – all questions answered, no thanks to me. Hurrah for crowd-sourcing.

And at this point I must say a huge thank you to everyone who sends me stuff. It’s amazing how often something someone sends me answers a question someone else has just asked. ┬áSometimes I just feel like a little Phantom spider sitting in my web just waiting for the goodies to come to me…

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9 Comments to “About Last Night”

  1. Mary says:

    NOW – here’s a thing. I got a note about that filming but all my council mail was delayed and it turned up so late that I binned it (sorry)! It is from someone called Locate Productions and it just says they are doing a ‘promo’ for the BBC.

    I also heard about the accident from a resident who got stuck – but much later on in the evening. Any info. I would be grateful

  2. Michael says:

    Thanks for setting this straight TGP! However, it’s very odd that the Police office looked me in the eye and said it was for Eastenders – I wonder if this is a game they play with the public when they are bored of standing around for hours!

  3. Island Dweller says:

    I try not to do these “Daily Mail Reader” type rants, I am actually a great admirer of the BBC. Well, most of the BBC.

    But I can’t help asking (even though I never actually buy the Daily Wail) – why on earth does the BBC spend any money at all on these promo films? Do they honestly change anyone’s viewing behaviour?

    And given the arguments about the number of police on the streets at the moment, is the most effective use of the limited police manpower really to use them to block off some streets for a bit of promotional filming?

  4. Chris says:

    Island Dweller — The Beeb have so many gaps to fill in between programmes that they make these expensive fillers/adverts nowadays.

    This morning, in between the business news and the start of Breakfast at 0600 they showed five, yes five, fillers. This is quite normal.

    It used to be this in the old days. A lot cheaper!

  5. BobbyT says:

    As a slight diversion, I was rather amused to see Emma’s rear window view – as that used to be my rear window view. I’ve always liked the actual ‘rear window’ section on here. I wonder if it happens a lot: people spotting their old views. So Emma, is the old volkswagen camper van still out the front? That didn’t look like it was going anywhere…

  6. Emma did send this as a Rear Window – but it was so pertinent to Friday’s mayhem I confess I couldn’t wait…

  7. Em says:


    Hehe, what a coincidence! Love the flat with all its strange angles :-) No, there’s no camper van out the front anymore….but someone did set fire to a motorbike by the downstairs window in Feb, which set fire to the house…which is another story! All is well now tho.


  8. Michael says:

    Gosh, the promo for strictly is on tv already.

    Lovely scene of Braddyl St with the celebs walking towards Banning St.

  9. Paul says:

    The promo they filmed can be seen on You Tube: