Virtually There

Can’t wait for the Cable Car and the Sky Walk? Look no further than these virtural tours. They made me feel a bit queasy, m’self especially on the descent from the cable car, and with all the virtual skyscrapers they’ve included I find myself thinking that if you wanted a really high view you’d be better off chatting up the owner of one of the penthouses, but hey – I’m still going to give ‘em a try…

For some reason they are failing to arrive as embedded vids, so here they are in good old web-address form:

Cable Car Virtual trip:

O2 Skywalk Virtual trip:



3 Comments to “Virtually There”

  1. Ebspig says:

    There’s a rather special model of the cable car (South Main) tower in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

    Have watched the virtual journey twice now and still can’t work out how there’s any deceleration coming into the Dome station.

  2. Jon says:

    Interesting to see the peninsula so full of buildings. I wonder where the car parks will go!

  3. tplautus says:

    Now that they’ve started work on the cable car, even more of the riverside path is closed. Whereas I used to be able to start jogging along the riverside at Ballast Quay and go all the way round the peninsula, I now find that even when I join the walk at Drawdock Road, just by the Dome, I can only get as far as QE1 Pier before the path is closed again for this cable car that nobody wants. This means that about 2 miles of a public right of way and major national trail is closed long-term. The closure at the cable car doesn’t even come with warnings or signs directing people elsewhere.

    Greenwich is a bloody disgrace at the moment.