Rear Window (22)

No prizes for guessing where Matt lives on today’s Rear Window. He captions this photo “”The Only Reason We Can Afford To Live In Greenwich”, and says “there’s nothing like being woken by the 0532 to Charing Cross every morning,” a comment that will probably bring back memories for Benedict…

Actually, I’m delighted to hear from Matt, as he is the editor of the much-missed-but-hopefully-soon-to-rise-again Smoke, A London Peculiar, one of the two great specialist underground London literary magazines, both currently on sabbatical while the publication world remains in turmoil – the other being, of course, the creepy One Eye Grey, whose ed is also based sarf of the river, and is still conducting some rather good (and free) walks, though not round these parts.

Not to be outdone, Matt’s been cataloguing the camp statues of London (ahem) and brought out a boardgame, Soho, which I confess I haven’t played, but which has some fantastic-looking cards. He’s also, as a newcomer to Greenwich, decided to start his own Greenwich-based blog.

Welcome to Greenwich, Matt, and let’s see a new edition of Smoke soon, eh…

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One Comment to “Rear Window (22)”

  1. Benedict says:

    Yep, I do miss Greenwich a tad but I do not miss the 05,32……