Bicycle Thieves.

Folks, ┬áRod’s just asked me to remind you to ALWAYS lock your bike, even if you’re standing next to it.

He saw the theft of a bike outside the Coach and Horses yesterday while the owner and his friends were just feet away. He says “The thief loitered in the outside beer garden area and seeing his chance, jumped on the bike and took off. The owner and several people from the pub gave chase, but he got away. The Police have looked at CCTV footage, but don’t hold out much hope natch…”

He goes on to say “the police I spoke to said that bike theft in Greenwich is rife at the moment. The perp was a tallish Asian guy in his 20s, stubble, blue hoodie and jeans. I realise that doesn’t narrow it down much…”

I have to say I know of a guy who lost two bikes in two days. So, folks, even if you’re standing next to your cycle, lock it up, eh…


One good bit of news though, comes from Kevin who, after the discussions on the Cycle Babble thread got off his saddle-sore arse and actually did something:

Following your blog entry “Cycle Babble” recently (to which I posted a response) I emailed TfL and have received the following reply.

They have now changed the timings of the lights, which has improved matters.

Congratulations, Kevin. And thank you.

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6 Comments to “Bicycle Thieves.”

  1. Ian says:

    I had my bike stolen – found it on gumtree, sent link to police – took them four days to get back to me at which point it was gone. Is this just something we have to get used to, or can we do something about it?

  2. Old China says:

    I used to just lock up my bike by it’s frame but recently had the front wheel nicked off of it, while it was locked up outside my house. So now I carry two D-locks with me wherever I go, one for each wheel, plus the frame. I then detach the saddle and carry that around with me in my bag. Crazy, but I have no choice if I still want my bike to be intact when I return to it.

  3. John says:

    “Two good locks” is the mantra of Southwark Cyclists and the late, lamented, Barry Mason.

    How to do it:

    How not to:

    And for police who are a bit more proactive about bike theft, try the Cycle Task Force –

  4. Steve says:

    As Old China says, even when it’s locked it isn’t safe. I had mine (fitted with a child-seat incidentally – so the thief was a person of even lower morals than normal) nicked whilst padlocked to the bike racks at the Maritime Museum. You’d never believe it but it seems that the thieves struck just hours after the CCTV had stopped working. When I suggested this was an amazing co-incidence to the head of security there, he assured me that it was just a co-incidence. Very complacent I think. I’d have been tempted to think that someone inside had “mentioned” the non-functioning CCTV system to somebody if I was head of security.

  5. Ruth says:

    I saw two youths cycling down Stratheden Road (Blackheath Standard) on the pavement each carrying a bike last week. I hope it was more innocent than it looked but I doubt it!

  6. dexta says:

    Was Rod’s bike a dark blue (or even black) GT?

    If so, I spotted it being ridden by a mid 20′s Asian guy in a blue hoodie & jeans – down Christchurch Way on Saturday @ 6pm!