Situations Vacant…

…well – as long as you don’t want any actual cash.

On the other hand sometimes the fun-est things sadly don’t come with any reward other than a warm feeling.

I was going to put these in the Parish News but when I got a yet another request for volunteers for various things in a week I thought it might make a post. So here goes…

The first two are for slots on TV shows. Now, personally I can’t think of anything I’d like less than appearing on telly, but there must be a load of people that love it so maybe these will appeal to one or two of you here.

Firstly, and this is a speedy one as I’ve just realised it’s tomorrow, the BBC is going to present The Great British Weather Show from Greenwich Park tomorrow evening. They say

“Be part of our audience for this brand new programme as we bring the weather to life through exciting experiments and stunts.”

The show is live and takes place between 6.00pm and 8.00pm. To be sure of a place email Love Productions with your contact details and the number of people in your party, or call 020 7067 4873

I’ve looked down the celebrity guest list and, for anyone who attended Nomad cinema’s otherwise-brilliant Groundhog Day, and witnessed the most embarrassing introduction to a movie ever, you’ll be glad to know that Tomaz Schafernaker doesn’t appear to be part of the team that day.


Okay. next, RDF TV are doing a new cookery show called Family Cook-Off where families compete in a knockout-style competition to impress Ainsley Harriott and a special mystery celebrity guest (the mind boggles but Ainsley’s a cheery chap…) with various different funkily-named menus.

They’ll be doing Breakfast on the Go on August 7th at the Old Royal Naval College and they need three ‘Real People’ judges to be in the audience, test the food and give opinions. Ideally they want people who have a breakfast agenda – for instance someone who has no time in the mornings but wants a fabulous, fast breakfast or they cycle to work and need 10,000 calories. If they like food, all the better.

If this sounds like the sort of thing you fancy, contact Emily at RDF TV


Moving swiftly on, and going from National prime-time to Local evening-time, there’s a new Open Mic night at the Prince of Greenwich every other week where pretty much, it would seem, anything goes.

I’m guessing musicians, singers, comics and performance poets are the mainstay, but I’m told that performers of any description are welcome so if you’re a washboard fanatic, can play the spoons or can stick a washing up bowl to your massive belly using only suction and a lot of Fairy Liquid and play tunes with the fart sounds you make when you suck your tummy in (a real act I once saw in the good old Malcolm Hardee-esque days when anything really did go…) then turn up and wow the world. It was last on on Sunday so I’m guessing the next one is Sunday 7th August (perhaps you could demonstrate your new-found cookery skills from the Family Cook-Off)

You can just turn up from 7.30pm or, to guarantee a slot, email ahead If you just want to go and watch (can’t guarantee any washing-up bowl antics, but you never know…) it’s free to get in.


From the ridiculous to the sublime, one more this morning, folks, before this kind of thing ends up in the Parish News again.

Carol Kenna of Greenwich Mural Workshop (if it’s made of mosaic or painted on a wall it’s probably something to do with these guys) is behnid a new project called the Charlton Parks Reminiscence Project and they have recently begun collecting stories and recollections about the various parks and open spaces in Charlton, that once were held within the Maryon-Wilson Charlton Estate. They include Hornfair Park, Charlton Park, Maryon Wilson Park, Maryon Park, Gilberts Pit and the Barrier Park.

They’re looking for people with memories of these places and events that have taken place there over the years – from the old fairs through to the filming of Blow Up. They’re also looking for volunteers to interview all the people with memories and help collate the findings for websites and live events.

It looks like something fun to be involved with, and I shall replicate the leaflet on the Parish News, which I do TRY to keep updated these days, so if you’re interested, take a peek in that section.

Right. Now I’m off to update said PN….

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