Robert’s Full English

Folks – our very own Robert Gray has started his own chat show. Here’s episode one – Robert tells me there will be more soon…

10 Comments to “Robert’s Full English”

  1. Liz M says:

    I so enjoyed this clip: informative, interesting and a splendid chap. Thanks Robert….

  2. Stephen says:

    And please spare us the camera tricks. No point going from colour to monochrome and back again etc.

  3. darby Hawker says:

    Dear Phantom this is my first post on your website which I have been following for some time I’ve never been brave enough to say anything. First of all many belated Happy Birthdays to the Super Vic Chris he rocks! I have seen Robert on so so many television shows, please can you ask him how does it and run a B and B. I am a very out of work actress!(any casting directors listening I am available for Panto.) To be serious for a second, I really enjoyed the clip and I rather liked the camera action. Who is on it next Robert, could it be me?


    Such a beautiful interview.We have nothing like this in Germany.Why not this man work for your BBC?His gentle probing remind me of your Michael Parkinson.He seems so natural and empathetic.I hope we see more soon. Erich

  5. anon says:

    here we go – a multitude of ‘roberts’ alert…

  6. Jo Honey says:


    Spoke to you last night Robert, while hosting the Open Mic at the Prince of Greenwich. Any chance of a guest musician? :)


    Sorry I think I have dropped big bloomer.I showsd interview to my friend Kurt and when he saw my comment he call me stupid fellow.He say man is not like Michael Parkinson but more like Russell Harty.I do not know this man but still beautiful interview.Erich

  8. Matt says:

    Ha! I think Erich should be Robert’s next guest…

  9. anon says:


    Yep, all it needs is a mirror…

  10. Brian says:

    Thanks Robert for a very informative and interesting interview.
    I thought the camerawork was also super and very professional.
    I ve spoken to you on numerous occasions and I share your love and passion for Greenwich.
    Us Greenwich folk are lucky to have such such a gem of a guy.

    Rear Window 21