Rear Window (21)

A rather splendid view today. Even Brian reckons he’s “a really lucky boy.” Fancy having such a great view of the Observatory every time you open your curtains – though to be honest, I just love the Aristocats rooftops and chimneypots m’self. And the lush green of willow trees makes it look wonderfully fresh, something that the Aristocats didn’t have quite so much of.

But where is it? I’ll let you have a little guess for a bit, then post the other pic Brian sent me which should help you get your bearings…

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rear window low brian
rear window low brian

rear window low brian 2
rear window low brian 2

5 Comments to “Rear Window (21)”

  1. scared of chives says:

    is it on the roof / top flat above ‘bert and betty’ on greenwich south street…?

  2. Mazer says:

    Agree with scared of chives! Looks over Peyton Place and the top of the police flats on Royal Hill/corner of Gloucester Circus, circus street must be to the right – scared of chives must be right – let us know TGP!

  3. Mazer says:

    Just seen the 2nd pic, that gives it away. Really lovely view!

  4. Nick Martin says:

    The satellite dish would have been pointing 28 degrees east of due south. With that information, and recognising the land-mark on the hill, I still had no clue of how to solve the puzzle ! I knew I should have paid more attention at school !

  5. Lord Chevening of Grinidge says:

    I love chimley pots (as we say from Birmingham)!!!