Floating Assets

Remember the Greenwich Book barge? We talked a year or so ago about this charming enterprise that bobbed alongside the Cutty Sark and The Gipsy Moth IV for about twenty years; a floating children’s bookshop still remembered with great fondness.

Last year we all sighed and thought ‘if only…’ then shrugged out collective shoulders and decided the H&S brigade would never let that kind of thing happen these days.

But Ruth found this intriguing article in the The Guardian which seems to imply that if you live in leafy North London it works just peachily (I’m sure they think it’s an original idea.) I think the Book Barge on Regents Canal looks brilliant and this morning it brings the idea to mind again here.

Okay, okay, I know that it’s on a canal rather than a major tidal river, and a achingly hip part of London instead of a real place, but there IS a precedent for this – a twenty year-long precedent. Greenwich pier is being done up right now – how cool would it be to have a floating bookshop for locals and tourists alike to enjoy?

Any volunteers?

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4 Comments to “Floating Assets”

  1. Stephanie says:

    Ohhh maybe i got as far as investigating the cost of buying a barge

  2. A start, Stephanie, a start. If you DO decide to go for it, keep me in the loop, eh!!


  3. i saw the regents canal one last week. i didnt go in as the idea sickens me, it’s against nature – books on a boat?! like chips in a bowl. not on my watch. mrs biff went in but was forced into a sharp exit after seeing a work colleague in there. at least one of them was off sick

  4. sarah says:

    I loved the floating bookshop when i was a child. I loved to browse and they used to do events as well – please bring it back