Admin Stuff

Guys – after a slow and lingering illness, I am sad to announce that my computer has finally crashed for the last time and I’m putting it out to pasture (a pal already has a beady eye on it as a drone for some super computer game he’s inventing; I’m happy to donate). They say that moving house is as stressful as marriage, divorce and death of a spouse but it has nothing on trying to move all your emails from one operating system to another.

So please bear with me for a few days until I’ve got everything sorted out. I’m currently swapping between three computers and a couple of clouds. Normal service will be resumed as soon as I’ve worked out what a cloud actually is…

2 Comments to “Admin Stuff”

  1. kate says:

    Have you tried 102 Westcombe Hill for PC repairs? Ask for Jah. He’s not done any work for me, but a friend was happy with his repair of his PC. Will also tell you if it’s not worth it and you have to replace it. But he can retrieve unbacked up data from your old crock too.

  2. Thanks for your concern Kate. I think I’m pretty much sorted now. You’re right though – it was an old crock – I only just got the stuff I needed off it before it all went South.

    Thanks for the link. Always good to know about emergency repair people…