Slowly Unwrapping the Mummy

Two reasons to get to Greenwich town centre this weekend – the first to gawp at the mooosive World cruise ship as its 200 residents come to gawp at us (presumably the 250 crew get to do the cleaning…), the second to see the Cutty Sark finally begin to emerge chyrsalis-like from its blue hardboard cocoon.

Dennis was down there yesterday and says that the familiar hoardings are beginning to go and there are the surest glimpses yet that some sort of an end might sort of be in sight.

Stuff is arriving, though it’s still hard to tell what it’s actually going to be like. When I was there the other day the pavement being laid around it looked suspiciously like granite (which will be fun to watch come next rainy Marathon time) though admittedly I couldn’t see very well as I was still peering through the portholes. It might just have been bog-standard paving stones, especially since they seem to be going for the cheap option in other ways – note the B&Q greenhouse that’s going around the ship instead of the lovely rounded glass bubble we were promised and the godawful pair of old containers lift shaft on the ‘wrong’ side of the ship - Darryl at 853 explains better than I could how that one came about, but if you think his picture of the projected finished article is bad, just take a peek at this:

I guess they could dress it up – perhaps put some crenellations around it and pretend it’s a re-creation of part of Greenwich Palace or something, or paint it to look like a whole pile of tea chests waiting to be loaded but tell me that as it stands this lump of brown isn’t just plain grim?

But hell – I’ve been wrong before – most recently with the NMM’s new wing so maybe this will look absolutely stunning.  I live in hope and this weekend I’ll see if I can get down and see for myself what’s occurin’.

6 Comments to “Slowly Unwrapping the Mummy”

  1. Darryl says:

    Is that a new pic of the tower? The planning board approved on the proviso that the design was improved…

  2. Jeremy sent it to me a few days ago. I suspect it is still the old one (hell, I HOPE it’s still the old one.)

    Shouldn’t be too hard to improve on that, surely. You back now?

  3. Darryl says:

    Yes, back and playing catch-up with everything. Not that I seem to have missed much, mind!

  4. Nah – same old same old…

  5. Steve says:

    The design is apparently modelled on the dockyard cranes that used to exist over the river.

    I didn’t know those dockyard cranes were modelled on a cheap wardrobe.

  6. PiratesPatch says:

    Very Sad to hear the death of Sammy Ofer who died yesterday.

    Over £20million he gave to the NMM and over £3million to help the sark be rebuilt!
    So much for Greenwich

    I hope the new wing of the museum and the sark are a fitting epitaph.