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A post of bits today, folks.  Stuff’s going on just now, and while none of it really seems worth a post on its own, it’s all mildly interesting. I warn you now I am in a ridiculously optimistic mood.

The Greenwich Book Time remaindered bookshop, for example. It  really has closed now, after months of threatening to do so. But there are guys busy-beevering away in there, so my money’s on them re-opening after a refit – I hope so, otherwise what are legions of us to do before we go to the Picturehouse of an evening? I also notice that there are people hard at work in the old Sonia’s deli-cafe down Traf Road, dunno what that will be. And I still haven’t made it into L’Artisan French deli a few doors down, shame on me, since I’ve had good reports. I’ve just also had the Real Work piling up.

Next I notice that the Squeeze plaque on the side of the Borough Hall has disappeared again. What’s gone on there? Does anyone know? I thought they’d dealt with the listing/permission issue. But my obscenely cheerful mood is telling me that I’m sure it’s just gone for polishing or something.

There’s something on the air at the moment, and for once, given that this is Greenwich, traditionally associated with horrid odours, it’s heavenly. I always assumed that roses or something similarly gardenish created the best perfume in the world, but I have come to regard the blossom of the lime trees lining pretty much every street in Greenwich as being my own personal favourite – sweet but not cloying, heady but not overpowering. And this year, it’s intoxicating. You can smell it all over the place just now, it’s hanging on the air, but among the best places I’ve found for just standing underneath and breathing in are:

  • The tree at the St Mary’s Gate entrance of Greenwich Park (pictured)
  • Outside the flats on the Trafalgar Estate (must make the apartments very dark, but they’ll smell fabulous)
  • Along the gates to Devonport House, near the Grisly Altar of Doom (avert your eyes – however shocking that such heavenly perfume should be,  pervading such utter evil…)
  • And, of course, along by the Maritime Museum and elsewhere in the park. Stand beneath these trees and love Greenwich. You’ll have the added benefit today of staying dry.

I am very excited about Rob’s news that The O2 could get its own skywalk. I’ll be first up there. And although Darryl is right to worry that the Thames Path will be closed yet again for the cable car, despite the funding not being there yet, I am in a merry mood today and I am therefore assuming they know something we don’t and that August 1st will see not only the path closed but work beginning on the super-fast erection of a cable car that will, apparently whip us to Albert Dock in an instant (they’re even saying that they’ll let bikes on, Darryl, though someone I know ‘in the transport world’ sniffed cynically when I mentioned this to him. But Boris has said bikes, and I always believe everything he says, so pah to nay-sayers.) We should be able to do three high East London things in a day – the skywalk, followed by the cable car, followed by the mad Hubble Bubble tower in the Olympics. Yo!

And – heavens to Murgatroyd! Look at this. From the surroundings, I think Tony took this at Westcombe Park – but could it be that Southeastern have actually done something about the suggestion I made a couple of months ago about notifying passengers about train lengths?

One last observation. Doesn’t the Mitre look good at the moment? I began to worry when the squirly topiary went brown, but they’ve done themselves proud with the flowers:

Apologies for the cheerfulness. My medication is late this morning.

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mitre june 2011 closeup
mitre june 2011 closeup

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mitre june 2011 low

8 Comments to “Random Things Noted”

  1. frankh says:

    Yes but it’s still not easy to be sure where the shorter trains will stop.

  2. Jeremy says:

    The Squeeze plaque is there still; it’s next to the door towards Peyton Place. Now it sits in the door recess on the left.

    Easy to spot walking to the Tolly, but easy to miss if walking down the hill.

    Now I’m off to sniff the lime trees…

  3. debra says:

    I was in the remaindered bookshop last week and heard them discussing re-opening after a refit!

  4. H.G. says:

    The lime tree scent is the reason for your cheerfulness, I bet the sun is shining as well, plus it being Friday. Hooray. I also noticed the scent is especially intensive this year, must have something to do with the warm Spring. Thanks for reminding, I’ll be taking a detour on my bike to get a whiff on my way home, sadly not through Greenwich though …

  5. DeeBee says:

    L’Artisan is well worth a visit. Weekends we’ve been living on their fresh breads, meats and cheeses…and great place to grab last minute bits for dinner on the way home from Maze Hill Station.

  6. methers says:

    Another recommendation for L’Artisan here. He’s a very nice bloke, and based on what we’ve tasted so far he deserves to do well. It could be worth keeping an eye on his Twitter feed to see what he’s serving up:


  7. Ebspig says:

    And hurrah, Greenwich Book Time has reopened, looking smart and smelling of paint.

  8. Gail says:

    Everybody try and get to L’Artisan. We’ve been a few times now. The food is excellent and really well priced. The guy who owns it is so friendly and helpful. I really hope he does well!