Parish News

I’ve finally updated the Parish News – apologies to things that have been and gone while I’ve got around to doing it. Apologies too, for the dodgy formatting – I just cannot make the thing behave with WYSIWYG and I’m not skilled enough in HTML to do it manually. I mean – why is the first bit in a weird font with italics, and oddly indented? The italic button is not pressed, the font key hasn’t changed. When I look at the HTML, nothing seems amiss. This technology thing is just nuts…

My usual plea for future items – no stupid fonts, please, and no dancing gifs. Easily cut, pasteable and editable stuff is very good indeed and gets a Phantom Smiley Face :-) . Sometimes I even get pre-HTML formatted stuff, these people are my very favourites in all the world. I am still getting event listings sent as jpegs or old-style PDFs from which I have to copy it all out manually. In that case either mistakes are likely or, if I’m in a grumpy mood the delete button is utilised.


5 Comments to “Parish News”

  1. IanVisits says:

    When you copy/paste the text into the WordPress editor – to strip out ALL the formatting, click on the HTML tag at the top of the editing box and past the text into that.

    No need to add tags back in again as it will automatically do that for you when you save it (or click on the Visual tab).

  2. A thousand thanks Ian. I’m going to print out this comment and keep it next to the computer…

  3. Actually – no need to do that – it makes complete and obvious sense. I can remember that. Cheers.

  4. Mike Scott says:

    The first part has dodgy formatting because it’s enclosed in a

    tag (in the HTML — I don’t know what that would mean in terms of the WordPress editor).

  5. Mike Scott says:

    Whoops, sorry, I’ve done the same thing to my comment and can’t edit it. I meant to say “enclosed in a <blockquote> tag”.