Excellent Doorways (1)

First in a new occasional series today, folks. Greenwich has some incredible entrances, and it’s easy just to walk past, not even registering you’re passing something special.

Of course now I’m sitting at my desk I can’t remember if there are three or four of these fabulous gabled doors, which clearly date back to way before this was Nevada Street, back when it was Silver Street (and no, despite many hours of discussion no one seems to know why ‘Nevada’ was chosen), but I don’t know much about the houses themselves. All Darryl Spurgeon can tell me about the southern houses is that they are ‘a tall terrace of 1774 with a fine paired doorcase over nos 10 & 11 and canted wooden oriels extending two or more floors at the rear and side.’

Most of the doorways that last down the years are fabulous stone-carved affairs, but it seems all the more precious that these entrances are in an ancient Greek style that might be expected in stone, but are, in fact, painted wood. Of course this wouldn’t have been terribly unusual in Greenwich at the time – a slightly later shop front from Creek Road that currently resides in the Museum of London Stores would seem to be pretty typical of the kind of thing that would have abounded around the 18th and 19th Centuries in Greenwich.

I can’t decide whether they remind me most of a sentry box

or one of those elaborate Swiss weather houses where the lady peeks out of the door on fine days and the gentleman comes out with a brolly in stormy weather…

I’ll welcome any extra information about these fascinating houses…

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weather house
weather house

sentry box
sentry box

nevada street doorway low
nevada street doorway low

9 Comments to “Excellent Doorways (1)”

  1. tintinhaddock says:

    On your suggestion I went to have a look around the garden of the Manor House on Crooms Hill a couple of weeks ago.

    I was particularly taken with the carving on their front doorway. I didn’t take any photos but you can just about make it out in this watercolour from the V&A collection.


  2. Ah yes, one of the great Fantasy Houses of Greenwich. Stuart, yes?

  3. Robert Number 16 says:

    Dear Phantom
    The right hand front door (which is next to the theatre)Was infact the addmin/office building for the Greenwich theatre.I remember going to meet the then artistic director Ewan Hooper for an audition.The theatre later,as theatres so often do got into debt and was closed for sometime.The council then gave the theatre a grant to reopen. (I think it was £60000 ) but took the building.It has of course since been sold.The present owner is a mum (featured in a Phantom photo of her sitting infront of Nevada St cafe }I used to baby sit her for her mum!!The person who would know more about the theatre`s connection with the house would be Neal the theatre`s very long serving stage manager.

  4. Robert Number 16 says:

    Next to the now “Heaps” in Navada St is a house that has newly made front door.I think very well done.
    If one walks down the street towards the Park.There is a shop which from time to time has sold ice cream. In the early 70`s it was up for sale for £6000 .Which was beyond me. So I bought a large house in Prior St for £4000.

  5. Kate says:

    Care to sell it for £4000?? :)

  6. Robert Number 16 says:

    No Kate,I gave it away.He still lives there worth £650,000 I`m told.

  7. Kate says:

    Well what a very decent thing of you to do :) hope they are one grateful occupant!

  8. Robert Number 16 says:

    Yes ,we are sitll great friends.We better get back to doors otherwise we might have a grumpy Phantom.

  9. Joe F says:

    Just an observation based on the photo… The two doors are at the same level but the two houses are not – the windows on one house (and presumably the floors) are slightly higher than the other. Also each door/hall is at a different level from the respective front rooms. Now if you could get a photo with the front doors open so we could see into the two hallways…