Top Dog

Folks – my computer’s managed to catch a cold which is creating issues with posting just now. I’m borrowing one, but temporarily can’t do pics so I’m going to catch up on some of the questions people have asked that don’t need (or, indeed have) illustrations to go with them.

Firstly, Ben asks:

“Could you or your readers recommend a really good, but reasonable dog groomer in the area? Would like to hear from people who have taken their pet and are happy with both the service they received and experience for their pet.”

This isn’t a service I’ve ever had a need for, so I’m relying on you here.

The only poodle parlour I’ve actually even seen in Greenwich was Dirty Paws in Turnpin Lane, but walking past recently I noticed it’s closed down (if I recall the sign in the window was rather enigmatic, but I don’t know the story.)

I guess a lot of them are out of the way or mobile services these days. So – any recommendations?


8 Comments to “Top Dog”

  1. Lula says:

    Absolutely Animals on Burnt Ash Hill is brilliant- I’ve taken my dog there who is a nightmare – he’s quite agressive with other dogs and with strangers (he’s a rescue – I’ve not taught him to be like this!) and they worked wonders with him, and his grooming lasted much longer than other places.

  2. tintinhaddock says:

    If Dirty Paws is closed then I can only say ‘good riddance’. When I came to pick up my dog she was shaking with fear and had bald patches and nicks all over her.

    The one in Lee isn’t much better – he back-combed her and covered her in pink bows. Walking her down Burnt Ash Hill that afternoon was an experience I can tell you.

    It’s a fairly long trek but I now go to Your Dog in Rainham, Kent (just off the M2). It’s a beautiful place with extensive grounds and peacocks strutting around the place.

    The two French guys there do an excellent job. In fact they have had so many recommendations from this area that they are considering opening something up this way soon.

  3. Back combing? Didn’t that go out with Phil Spector?

  4. But then I guess everyone went out with Phil Spektor…

  5. Tony says:

    Afraid I have to echo the poor reports on Dirty Paws. We only tried them once but that was enough. Feedback from other dog owners has consistently been the same.

    We use Scruffs2Crufts in Eltham and they are fantastic! Can’t recommend them highly enough and not too far out of the way from Greenwich. Our dog has had a clip from them every 3 months for the last two and a half years and every one has been great.

  6. Nicola says:

    I agree that Absolutely Animals on Burnt Ash Hill is fantastic, never had any issues and I quite enjoy the pink bow personally!

  7. MikeM says:

    Can say nothing but good things about Absolutely Animals. Our dog always comes back looking great. Highly recommended.

  8. Lula says:

    My doggie got a red bow! He looked cute as a button!

    Forgot to mention before that we also had tried dirty paws – not good at all, and if it’s closed down I’m sure it’s due to their sullen nature and bad attitude!