Test Events

So – the moment I’ve been waiting for with equal amounts of dread and curiosity has arrived. The test Olympic equestrian events for Greenwich Park this July – and free tickets for residents.

Anyone in Greenwich can – and in my opinion should – apply. After all – unless we actually see what’s going on, we can’t know whether it’s going to be a serious threat to the park, a minor inconvenience or actually quite interesting.

Knowledge is power and seeing how an event will happen, albeit on a smaller scale, should give us some real idea of what will go on instead of having to speculate. I’m prepared to go along and see for myself (if I’m successful in the ballot, natch…)

Apply for free tickets here

Note to self: just because the applications end on 3rd June doesn’t mean that’s the day you have to apply…

5 Comments to “Test Events”

  1. Alain de Valois says:

    Thanks for the heads up Phantom; I just applied for the show-jumping. I look forward to sensing your spectral presence there.

  2. Michael Kaye says:

    Yet another Ballot….be surprised if any of us get tickets.

  3. Rebecca says:

    Does anyone know whether it will close off the entire park and for how long? Will I have to transfer my birthday picnic in the Greenwich Park, planned for July 3rd, up to the Pleasaunce I wonder…

  4. methers says:

    Picnic in the park? It depends where exactly you want to be!

    LOCOG have received some stick for not engaging well with local residents and explaining to us what exactly is happening and when. However, I have found a useful map with closure dates for the July 2011 test event here:


    As someone who uses the park almost every day I’m relieved to see that at least some bits are staying open (especially the playground and the flower garden) but I can’t say I’ll thrilled to lose access to a substantial portion of the park for three months this summer. One of the nicest bits of the park is taken away from us at one of the nicest times of the year. Boo.

    There are drop-in events this week if you want to go and talk to someone about what’s going on. Thursday 12th, Friday 13th and Saturday 14th May at the Pavilion Tea House:


    Closures start from Monday next week, 16th May.