Secondhand Books

Adam asks:

“What’s the best place in Greenwich/Blackheath to off-load unwanted books for cash?”

Hmmm. Now, for cash, that’s a tough one. Are they specialist, antiquarian or locally-related? If so, you might be able to interest the second hand book shops around here – Bookshop on the Heath, Halcyon Books or the recently re-opened  Greenwich Bookplace and Gallery – far fewer than even ten years ago now, and, necessarily due to their size  if nothing else, pretty picky about what they take.

If they’re novels or general all-purpose non-fic, I doubt if they’ll fetch much. You might try taking a stall at Greenwich Market – it’s a tenner during the week. They’re not taking on any more jewellery or food stalls (and judging from the amount of marble coasters available just now, I suspect there will be a moratorium on them soon, too) but books still seem to be okay.

To be honest, I take most of the books I have persuaded myself to let go of to local charity shops or, if I’m really organised, to a charity booksale. The obvious local one is Amnesty International whose next sale is 18th June, so you’re in good time. Of course the real problem is to discipline oneself to take the books to the storage facility and then not return on the day of the sale to buy more than you donate.

If you’re sure you want to sell, then a longer-term solution is online. Try Amazon marketplace or my pal who takes buying and selling things on the internet very seriously recommends Gumtree as a better, cheaper alternative.

6 Comments to “Secondhand Books”

  1. Paul says:

    The Bookshop on the heath won’t even buy books in which they specialise – they ask you to donate them. Halcyon buy some, as does Alex, who has the bookstall by the Cinema – he’s a nice guy whom I’d always recommend, he will also take interesting books for credit/exchange.

  2. Donate? To a commercial operation? Hmm.

  3. Polly Rocket says:

    Oxfam in Blackheath has a lovely bookshop upstairs?

  4. Will Snell says:

    Or why not try swapping them online? There are quite a few free book exchange websites, like

  5. Darren says:

    The student shop within the Old Royal Naval College does buy second hand text books although thats a pretty narrow category I’d guess.

    Noticed that the bargain book shop is advertising for staff so maybe its not closing down after all!

  6. Bookmooch is another way to make use of books you have finished with