Rear Window (19)

Just to prove that not everyone in Greenwich enjoys fabulous vistas across Greenwich Park, Jane has sent me this:

“I am attaching a photograph of the view (I say that advisedly!) from my back window.   I suppose it reflects the reality for many of us in Greenwich at the moment with so many building projects going on!

Hopefully these site buildings will only be there for  12 months  but then I will have a view of a car park with a large block of flats behind instead….. I used to be able to see trees :o (“

That’s why I’m so fascinated by these Rear Window shots. They are a photos of a moment in time, and transitory. A few months ago this was trees, soon it will be flats, but now, for this little time it’s this. Not the most scenic thing ever, but it is something you are seeing that is only around fleetingly (and I bet you’re saying ‘thank goodness’ but it has it’s interest…)

If you have a pic of your view beforehand, of the trees, you could montage-it with this and the one when the work’s done for an interestingly little ‘change of time’ thing.

Seems like it’s worth taking pictures of what you can see now, whether or not you send it to me – you never know what may happen…


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rear window jane

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