Rear Window (17)

This is a perfect example of what I meant when I said I’m interested in all rear window views, not just the ones with panoramic, city-wide views. I honestly have no idea where Lara and her boyfriend live from this picture as it’s a totally private view and the houses could be, from behind, anywhere in town.

She says

“I took this photo Saturday the 23rd of April as the thunder and lightning was rolling through Greenwich. (okay so I’m behind with my mail AGAIN – TGP) I live with my boyfriend in the upstairs part of a maisonette and our only rear view is out of our kitchen. Loving the fresh greenery on the trees belonging to our neighbours…”

But this is just the sort of picture that will fascinate Phantoms like me in the future as even now no one really takes pictures like this for posterity and whole swathes of ‘normal’ stuff has been lost already.

For example I’ve been trying recently to work out what sort of front wall/fence my own gaff would have had when it was first built but there are no pictures of my street when it was new (I know, I’ve checked) and there’s not a single original wall left either in my road or any other one round it. I guess I shall have to make something up.

Which is where pictures like this, interesting to nosy parkers now, but potentially invaluable in the future, come in. Who knows how future plumbers might enthuse at seeing a set of rear stink pipes (oo-err missus…) or gardeners might be interested to see a Ceanothus in full bloom.

Okay – so maybe I’m going over the top here, but I’m betting that even with all the photographic capacity we have now there still aren’t that many pictures of back gardens in Greenwich that don’t have people in them (people are good too, but photos of ‘ordinary’ views for the sake of it are still rare). And that’s why I love this series so much.

You’ve beaten me, Lara. I truly have no idea where you are. But thanks for the photo…



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7 Comments to “Rear Window (17)”

  1. scared of chives says:

    woodland park road?

    i’m sure i heard a lot of bees buzzing there the other day – and they like ceanothus…

  2. Richard says:

    Devonshire Drive looking into Ashburnham Grove?

  3. Lara says:

    No and no. :D .

  4. Franklin says:

    Tuskar Street looking at the back of Earlswood Street?

  5. Lara says:

    Franklin wins! Did you cheat and look at my tweet locations?

  6. Franklin says:

    No cheating, scouts’ honour!

    Even if I did know that I could see your tweet locations (which I didn’t), or how to do so (which I don’t), or that you tweet (which I didn’t either), I wouldn’t even consider such dastardly tricks).

    Just brilliant local knowledge… ;-)

    Aided by the fact that there aren’t many taller-than-their-neighbour terraces in Greenwich.

  7. Lara says:

    Well I thoroughly commend you then! :-D .

    I think it is the vicarage on Earlswood Street that is taller than all the other houses. There are some beautiful houses on that street. I love nosing into people’s basement conversions on the vicarage side, those houses look magnificent.