Parish News


Folks – after somebody very naughty sent me something that crashed not only the Parish News section of the blog but my entire computer,  I’ve had to have a thorough clean out of the PN section.

Because I don’t have either the funky code-system, capacity or patience of the splendid IanVisits it really does help when you want me to include something in the PN if you send me stuff I can use easily and quickly. Otherwise it goes onto the enormous pile of ‘stuff to do’ and sometimes that means it doesn’t get done until after your event. So. Please…

  • Anything I can directly cut and paste will be muchly appreciated. Weird fonts may come out strangely which means either I fix ‘em if I notice, or your event looks peculiar if I don’t.


  • Anything with vast amounts of press release hyperbole has to wait until I have time to read it all – the longer the doc, the more scared of it I am.


  • Old-style PDFs are the bane of my life –  I have to manually copy it all out. Then mistakes arise because of my slovenly slapdashery.


  • If photos are giant hi-res monsters, I am sure print publications love ‘em but I have to get the Patent Pixel-Minimator out of the Phantom Cupboard of Doom and laziness means this takes time. And yes, this does go for flyers too.


  • Funky emails that crash my computer are not a way to endear me to you. Honestly – the simpler the better. I read everything (even if I don’t get around to replying. Sometimes the reason I don’t reply is because I’m excited by it and have already started doing something about it…) but if stuff is flashing and small animated characters are dancing all over my screen I’m more likely to delete it before I have a fit.


  • Anything with the phrases ‘pop-up’  or ‘flash’ will be regarded with the deepest suspicion.


Anyway, that’s enough of my grumping this morning. New Parish News stuff is live (if looking a bit strange because I can’t work out how the Paragraph Heading button works but I really am out of time this morning now) and I will TRY to keep it up to date.

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