Mess Around

Gordon says

“On my way to work this morning I noticed that some angry local seems to be fighting a crusade against dog mess. ¬†This one is outside the Morden Arms.

I wonder if you know anything about this? I can’t believe it’s the work of the local council. What worries me is that I counted six of these dayglo horrors between the top of Brand Street and the pub. I agree with the sentiment but fear these signs will linger much longer than the mess.”

The Phantom replies

Oh, I don’t know, Gordon. They look rather smart to me. I mean, it just goes to show that the folk in West Greenwich know their breeds. ¬†Clearly they have decided that the naughty culprit is a wire-haired fox terrier (none of those nasty East Greenwich staffies round here, thank you…) and are subtly telling the owner that they know exactly who it is that is doing the doggy deed. And that they know where they live.

Don’t mess with the West, Gordon. Don’t mess with the West…

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dog mess gordon
dog mess gordon

14 Comments to “Mess Around”

  1. Hils says:

    These have been around for a while, there are some in Chevening Road and also Mycenae Road. I thought they were put there by the council but could be wrong.

  2. Neil says:

    We’ve had these on our street (off Old Dover Rd) for quite a while, and I’m pretty sure they were done by the council. They don’t seem to have been that much of a deterrent, unfortunately.

  3. Richard says:

    They should just employ snipers. Some old lady used to use the pavement outside my house as her dog’s loo. I asked her politly to stop, then I informed her that I would report her. She didnt listen so I reported her and the council whacked her with a fine. Hopefully she was forced to get rid of her dog.

  4. BoneyBoy says:

    Its one of the Council’s ways of responding to complaints about recurring problems locally.

    I think it quite an imaginative response. Do you think they choose the bread of dog profiled to match the character of the locality ?

    The marker that they use is the same stuff thats used to mark out roadworks, etc. It begins to fade in a few days and, dependent on rainfall and footfall, will disappear completely after a month or so.

  5. BoneyBoy says:

    Sorry make that “breed of dog” not “bread of dog”.

  6. Adam says:

    At least there are no stink lines, as in the controversial Lewisham Council effort:

    Also glad to hear that the stencil is designed to wash away – having to see a daily representation of a turd is almost as bad as being confronted by the genuine article.

  7. Tim says:

    Hi BoneyBoy – sorry but beg to differ – the ones near where we are were here when we moved in over 3 years ago & haven’t washed away yet…

  8. Hitherqueen says:

    I wish the council would do more than spray pictures on the pavement. Where I live (in East Greenwich technically I suppose…) the problem is really bad, however I also used to teach in Abbey Wood (still part of Greenwich – yes it does have its less nice parts…) where you really had to watch where you were walking. Sometimes it must have looked like I was playing hopscotch while walking along the pavement.

    Maybe the problem is the number of people who own pets that they don’t take enough responsibility for. Who knows?

  9. Jen says:

    I totally agree with this idea. I am a dog owner myself and wouldn’t dare dream of leaving my dogs mess on the pavement. It comes with the responsibility of owning a dog, just such a shame some people feel they are exempt from this.
    Which brings me onto my next point. Regardless of dog breed, all dogs are innocent lovely beasts who will only behave the way they are treated. East Greenwich Staffies are no different from this. Treat a dog like a thug, and they will behave like a thug. Its the oiks who own them who need to behave!

  10. James Miller says:


    Having complained a number of times about dog mess on Prior Street and Circus Street the council proposed applying these stencils. They are not permanent and will have disappeared within six months or so.

    Although they may not be the most effective deterent, short of having wardens monitor the street it is the best that can be done.

    They may make the guilty dog owners think twice about dog mess, and at leas reassure the reseidents that the council is taking the matter seriously.

    Furthermore, the council asked a number of residents on these streets if they agreed to the application of the stencils.

    If anyone has any sensible ideas on how to manage the problem more effectively perhaps they could share with us?

    James, Hyde Vale.

  11. cerletone says:

    I could do with one (or something similar) of these outside the front door of my block of flats, where my incredibly stupid neighbour insists is a good place for her out of control dog to urinate about 6 times a day.

  12. cerletone says:

    And I should have added, I have just got back from my place in a sweet little village in France, where dog poo seems to be liberally dumped everywhere – no problem for the French apparently.

  13. James Miller says:

    have you ever walked the streets of Paris? You might have a different view on dog mess in france if you have!

  14. Andrea says:

    I think I’d much rather look at and/or walk on these stencils than dog poo.