Floating Disco Fever

Lynne asks:

Wondered if you could recommend any boats that go from Greenwich for a 3-4hr evening cruise.  Looking to organise a summer works ‘do’ for around 80 people – exclusive hire would be too much i think, so would be looking for a joint or shared option.  Preferably with the option of food and dancing.  Have had a quick search but there seems to be so many companies/boats i was hoping a recommendation or two would cut down the search a bit!!

Definitely one to throw open to the floor here. Disco cruises are not my cup of tea at all,  so I need your help on this. I did once have a very civilized meal on the Silver Sturgeon, and the entire Silver Fleet seems to be around the top end of the market (hence my never getting to try it again…) but you’re right, there are dozens of cruises available (I didn’t realise just how many until I looked just now), absolutely none of which I’ve tried.

The Dixie Queen with its jolly faux-riverboat brassiness is at least recogniseable, the others I can’t even bring to mind. In cases like this I often fall back on Trip Advisor, which does appear to have some discussions in its forums about river cruises, though I didn’t see one specifically about food and dancing.

But I know what Lynne means – getting a recommendation from a Phantophile who’s been there, danced that, got the glitter ball, will be the best thing.

Or you could just get a Rover ticket on the Clipper and bring a ghetto blaster…

BTW apparently the world’s largest private cruise ship, appropriately-named The World, will be docking at Greenwich between 4-8th June. The cruisers live on board for a whole year in their own apartments. Paydirt for market stallholders, then.

2 Comments to “Floating Disco Fever”

  1. Robert Number 16 says:

    How about a Thames Barge. Much more “chic”and prob lots more room.

  2. Stephen says:

    Probably well expensive but at least they’d be able to avoid the hoi polloi!