Wherever you end up, do TRY to make an effort costume-wise...

Sorry about all the posts today, folks, but people keep asking me questions that are just out of my league.

Lara wants to know “where I can watch Eurovision in Greenwich this Saturday. I could go to GAY in town but I want local continental fun!”

As someone who last watched Eurovision when I was about 14, I am once again, totally unqualified to speak on this.

The only one I actually know about is at the Greenwich Picturehouse which does look good – there will be prizes for the best Euro-outfit, the bar will be open all evening and there will be plenty of dancing in the aisles.

Interestingly they have a disclaimer on the ad, saying the entrance fee is for the party, not for the live broadcast from Oslo they’ll be showing. Not sure what would happen if a party-pooper turned up without Euro-kit on, refused to dance or drink and demanded to see the broadcast for nothing. One would hope they would be condemned to sit in a booth on their own whilst Jemini’s 2003 entry was piped on a loop through their headphones.

Anyone know of any other special screenings?

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Wherever you end up, do try to make an effort costume-wise...

6 Comments to “Eurovision”

  1. P & D says:

    If you want a pub, go to The Rose and Crown on Crooms Hill. Friendly gay venue with a boisterous and vocal euro crowd.

  2. Lara says:

    Just popped into The Rose and Crown and I can confirm that they are showing Eurovision for free unlike the £17 entry fee at The Picture House!

  3. P & D says:

    Phantom, you said “not for the live broadcast from Oslo they’ll be showing”.

    I know you are a little behind with your post box but Oslo was so last year.

    This years broadcast will be from Dusseldorf.


  4. Tee hee. I guess my mentioning Oslo implies that I’m actually interested…

  5. cerletone says:

    Can anyone recommend a good pub where I can’t watch Eurovision?

  6. Lara says:

    I don’t think many would show it!