Cutty Sark Raised 12′

It must be true because it was on the BBC local news at lunchtime – they’ve finally lifted the Cutty Sark. Mind you, they could have raised the Titanic in the time they’ve taken.

Not, of course, that anyone round here would know about it. I can understand them not telling pesky bloggers like me, I know we’re a pain the the proverbial,  but you’d think they’d give the local press a nosy, wouldn’t you. I mean, after the tourists have gone home, it’s us locals that are left to love this ship, and we’ve been left out of the loop pretty much from day one.

Such a shame; I would have loved to get on board (not literally, of course,  it doesn’t actually have a deck yet) with a spot of fundraising.  Seems like the paultry amounts people like me could have made, though, just weren’t worth the effort of collecting and the Cutty Sark Trust went for the big-hitters instead. And, I guess, in the end they were right. The local news at lunchtime specifically said they were ‘fully funded’ now, by high rollers like Sammy Ofer, so I suppose, why bother making local pals?

On the other hand, also at lunchtime, the Trust said the project was, and I quote, ‘on target.’ I wonder in which particular universe that target resides?

Since the BBC article isn’t available yet, and I’m not privy to any pics, I am grateful to Stephen for snapping what he can…

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7 Comments to “Cutty Sark Raised 12′”

  1. P & D says:

    I loved the way that the Chief Exec of the Cutty Sark Trust said that the project was running to schedule. Really? I thought it was way behind the original projections, with or without the mysterious and providential fire.

  2. Darryl says:

    BBC London won’t ask any awkward questions, of course.

  3. Darren says:

    I saw it today (through a tiny hand hold in one of the gates) and was actually surprised at how high it was, even though I’d seen the news.

    I guess like everyone else I’ve just got used to nothing happening!

    I remember planning my son’s 5th birthday party on board to co-incide with the reopening, he’s already 8!

  4. Stephen says:

    I passed by on Monday. Because of some work going on, my usual route past the tunnel entrance was closed and I had to retrace my steps and pass by the stern. I looked through the small plastic viewing window and noticed the streaks on the ship’s wood. I didn’t notice the ship was higher because some tarpaulin was covering half of it. Maybe I should have noticed.

  5. Robert Number 16 says:

    I did mention a while ago .That I found some never seen before footage of the Cutty Sark moored in the Carrick Roads off Falmouth in the 1930`s.The footage was in an attic in the little fishing village of Portscatho.I put the CS trust intouch with the people who had the film.As a thank you I was given a personal guided tour of the ship .(which I filmed) I can report that from the Cutty Sark Gardens it looks as if nothing is happening.but go on board, great things are going on. They have painted orginal bits of ship one colour, and new another. Below decks have been opened up as the ship would have been, now vast.As a wooden boat owner I know how very long restoration takes.I keep my wooden gaff rig work boat moored off “Trevissome House”Where Captain Doweman (He who bought the Cutty Sark back to England during the early 20th cent)Lived.He had to sell off loads of land to pay for restoration back in the 1900`s so not much changes! His widow offered the Cutty Sark to Falmouth Council. which they declined. Cutty Sark was then a training ship down river until Prince Philip was a leading light to bring her to Greenwich. I think CS is worth the wait.

  6. Lara says:


    I took a couple of photos from that same spot as Stephen on Wednesday and have put one up here:


  7. Hill_Walker says:

    Found these on the Inderpendent. Really shows what it’s going to be like.