Watch This Space

Deborah asks:

The lovely man who mends watches, who used to have a stall in St Alfeges Hall Market (until it closed) has now relocated to Greenwich Market on Wednesdays. But, he has nowhere to park and can only keep his stall for another 2 weeks if he cannot find somewhere to park!
Does anybody know where he can park without paying a fortune in the Greenwich Council Car Parks? (whose prices have just risen enormously) This man is so good and so reasonable – we do not want to lose him!!!
I’m throwing this out to the floor, folks. It seems highly unlikely that there is anywhere in the centre of Greenwich that still has free parking, or everyone would be parking there.  There are a few places in Westcombe Park that have free parking, but that’s a long walk…

4 Comments to “Watch This Space”

  1. Badgeman says:

    He can park at the top of Crooms Hill- near the width restrictor there are some free spaces I think. Then a pleasant walk back down!

  2. Dave says:

    Be careful there ! restriction applies between 9am and 10am to deter commuters

  3. Paul says:

    There is free parking on Cade Road, the curved street coming over the heath, between Crooms Hill and Hyde Vale – you enter Crooms Hill from the heath, and take the first left. You will have to get there early to find a space, and don’t leave your car there overnight, as it’s likely to be broken into.

  4. Vincent says:

    Can’t he get a business parking permit like all businesses?
    Paid £130 for mine earlier this year.
    Turns out to be £2.5 per week, if he cannot afford that, I would be surprised.
    Maybe he should raise his prices proportionally to cover that little extra no?
    Moreover, he could park quite close to the market…