Burnt-Out Car

Annabel asks:

I wonder if you have heard anything about the silver Mercedes that was on fire on the Trafalgar Road, I cannot find anything about it on the local news and just wondered if you knew anything about it.  Happened at around 10pm on a Saturday night about a month ago near the petrol station and the Arches, the road was closed for some time.  I got a chill because it was reminiscent of the burnt out car found in Blackheath in February.

This is pretty typical of the sort of thing that local papers should be on the case for and aren’t.  It doesn’t surprise me that GT didn’t cover it, given its council-propaganda brief but you’d really expect the others to have a close enough relationship with the local coppers to be able to report on it. That they don’t says more about the papers than the police, I suspect.  Presumably they’re based so far away they just don’t drink in the same establishments any more.

This is not really an area into which bloggers have many, if any, inroads – this is (or should be)  local rag territory.

I didn’t see this – either in reality or in the papers. I think we can safely assume that no one was hurt (thank God) but what it was or what became of it is anyone’s guess.

Worth an ask though. Did anyone see this?


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  1. Jeremy says:

    I didn’t see the car on fire, but I was walking by with friends (the Plume, since you ask!) and we noted that the fire started on the back seat- i.e. not the engine- so we presumed the car had been nicked and torched, as Martina Cole would say.

    So true about local newspapers.

  2. OldChina says:

    The only car related shenanigans I’ve seen on Trafalgar Rd in the last month was an injured cyclist and his buckled bike under the wheels of a car, right on that same corner by the Petrol Station.

  3. Mary says:

    I didn’t know about this and I don’t remember it being raised at the local police panel last week (where local people meet the local Safer Neighbourhood Police Team) but I will see what I can find out.

  4. J says:

    Yesterday morning on Trafalgar Rd a fire engine was putting out the flames in another car – a small black one – that didn’t seem to have any inhabitants. Can’t find anything out about that one either!
    Speaking of local papers not being on the case – I was stabbed at Maze Hill train station in March and even that didn’t merit a few column inches!

  5. Heavens! I didn’t know – hope you’re okay now. What time of day was it? I’ve noticed that cars getr broken into in that road that runs along the north side, but I hadn’t heard of physical violence. Take care, folks!

  6. WhyOhWhy says:

    @J – hope you are okay and hope the local police and borough take steps to enhance security around the station.

    For all the promise Greenwich holds, I am beginning to question our moving here. It feels increasingly less safe by the week (East Greenwich/Traf Road especially). What is frustrating is that Greenwich has all the ingredients to make it an amazing place to live, just seems that no one knows how to mix them together into a great concoction.

  7. Lara says:

    J – awful! If an appropriate suggestion I would suggest that you write a story about it, I am sure someone Greenwich-y would publish it online. I live really near Maze Hill and I haven’t heard ANYTHING about a stabbing. :(

    Also, I took photos of this burnt our Mercedes when I walked past it and then completely forgot to write about it. Funnily enough I was going to send the photos to the Phantom!

    Anyway, I have just put them up on my Twitter account if you would like to see them (twitter.com/lararuffle).

  8. annabel says:


    I also live near Maze Hill and I’m really unerved to read about this threat and stabbing. However, in reality doesn’t this sort of thing happen everywhere?

  9. PiratesPatch says:

    Has Frank the Yank run out of money and has resorted to doing an insurance job on his cars!

    Seriously though, crime is every where, in all parts of the country, all parts of the world, rich or poor, so building a community, showing that such actions are not acceptable, working with the police, working with each other, education and inclusion will make all places safer and happier, what ever the cost of individiual homes!

  10. Anke says:

    Anyone know anything about the damage on the Greenwich High Road last night ? All of the shops from the bookstore to Ediz had windows smashed, and a cash machine was smashed up too.