Lots of people have been asking about Amandine, the whopping-big commercial ship moored at Greenwich Wednesday and Thursday, including Jeremy, who took this and Rick, who says

Everyone in the office here is wondering what’s going on with the massive cargo ship “Amandine” moored by the Cutty Sark, mainly why she’s here at all? As I type there seems to be a back and forth of horn blowing between the big ship and a tug that’s also spraying water everywhere! It’s all very strange.

I’ve not been able to find out much save that she was built for shipping firm Cobelfret. What’s really interesting is that a little more digging shows her as being a former Cobelfret ship – this site shows her owners (and names) since birth – but runs out at 2008 – what has happened to her since then? If you look at the pic on that site, it’s somewhat different – to the point where I actually wondered if it was the same ship. If she is the same, she’s been modified, which would explain her rather odd appearance. Does she still deal cargo, or is there some sort of passenger-thing going on now? I have absolutely no idea.

What the hell she was doing this far upriver is anyone’s guess.  I checked the PLA ships list this morning, and she’s already gone.

Rick also says

We were told by a bartender at The Yacht that it’s the biggest ship to come down the Thames in 50 years…any truth in this that you know of?

I have no idea – but I can’t help thinking that’s pretty unlikely – I mean we had that enormous cruise liner a few months ago and Illustrious isn’t small.  But then I’m just doing what I normally do – guessing. When I went down to have a look at her yesterday she didn’t seem much bigger than quite a few ships we’ve had here recently.

I guess if/when we get the cruise liner terminal we might start to see cargo ships more often, taking us right back in history. IMHO  it might be rather good to have a small port back in London again…

Update – thanks to the people who told me what was going on – she was in Greenwich to be named – thanks for the link guys…

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6 Comments to “Amandine”

  1. Jeb says:

    She was at Greenwich for a naming ceremony. There are details on the PLA website –

  2. IslandResident says:

    There is a press release on the PLA website. Apparently she was at Greenwich for a “christening” ceremony.

    She is now moored in Rotterdam. (Use marine tracking AIS data to find her).

    Her flag is Luxembourg – and that surprised me. Shows how little I know about shipping – I’d assumed a vessel had to be able to at least nominally sail to her home – how this one will get to Luxembourg beats me.

    According to the PLA press release, she’ll work on the Thames/Low countries shuttle. I think most of the work is for Ford.

  3. IslandResident says:

    Whoops – Jeb beat me to it!

  4. Cor – did I miss the breaking Champagne bottles? Darn.

  5. Mary says:

    I don’t know how she compares in size to The World – which I saw a couple of years ago almost at the Tower.
    However – I had come from the Arsenal (seeing little steam loco Woolwich) and was walking along the riverside – and suddenly realised I was essentially being ‘followed’ by this enormous big ship which had seemingly crept up on me. Scary!

  6. 58frankh says:

    Similar thing a year or so ago with another naming ceremony (same sort of size – not necessarily same shipping line). There was once a plan to moor the 1000ft-long (Rod Stewart, ‘sailing’) ‘Arc Royal’ there as a floating museum. Can’t remember why that didn’t happen but do rememebr that PLA happy that there was enough depth in that spot.