Street Parties

Jen asks:

Are there going to be any street parties in Greenwich for the Royal Wedding?

The Phantom replies:

Um, I can’t find any actually listed – thing is it’s probably one of those local-things-for-local-people events – if you don’t know about a street party going on then you’re just not local enough. Having said that I have only heard on the grapevine about one street party going on (nowhere near me).

The council, to whom you have to apply for such an event, lists several momentous events for which we might want to hold such a party – perhaps the borough becoming Royal – The Olympics – The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee – but curiously doesn’t mention the Royal Wedding.

I have to say that the regulations set by Greenwich council look pretty reasonable, considering it’s the 21st Century when fun is generally disapproved of. You don’t have to do a risk assessment and you can make your own ‘street closed’ signs if you like.

Given a registration only costs £21 I’m beginning to wonder what else I could get a road closed to have a shindig for. Personally I can give or take the wedding and whether or not the borough has ‘Royal’ in front of its name, but maybe it’s not too late to have a first-man-in-space party. Hell, we could serve PG Tips and celebrate the first chimp too… That said, they recommend insurance – about £51 for 100 people – and if there are chimps invited we’ll need extra bananas.

But back to the question. The council don’t seem to list applications online (though I’m rubbish at finding my way around the planning department of the council site, so I could have missed them). I’m thinking Jen, that if you haven’t received a discreet flyer through the door, you’re not invited.

But worry not. East Greenwich Pleasaunce will be holding a Royal Wedding Community Party that will not only be open to all, but have more Royalty than you can shake a sceptre at.

It sounds absolutely charming – like a sort of cross between the jubilee celebrations of 1897 and the present queen’s coronation. An all-day event with loads of local residents and businesses involved. The screen showing the event itself will be somewhat larger than the 12″ jobs people crowded round in 1953, but the activities are very traditional – food, tug-o-war, more food, races, cake-judging, music, afternoon tea, a kiddie disco and adult chill-out music and, in case you haven’t had enough to eat, a barbeque by Giggly Pig.

Fun begins at around 11.00am (unless you want to help set up – let me know and I’ll put you in touch with the organisers.)

If you really can’t face trekking all the way over to East Greenwich, you can watch the event at the Picturehouse and then see a special screening of The King’s Speech for a tenner.

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9 Comments to “Street Parties”

  1. There’s also one planned in Deptford – behind the Deptford Project.

  2. Robert Number 16 says:

    Dear Phantom.
    Channel 4 Contacted me a few weeks ago and asked I would take part and organise “A Royal Wedding Come Dine with Me Street party special” in the soon to be Royal borough of Greenwich.To be aired on the Royal Wedding Day. I thanked them very much for their offer,but said no.Where do you all think would have been the best street to have the party in?

  3. Robert Number 16 says:

    ….. asked IF I … (sorry)

  4. Anon says:

    Crumbly Hill. Just see all the souvenir mugs and red-white-and-blue cup cakes slide down towards the river…

  5. Stephen says:

    I shall be playing cricket.

    I like the wrong mug Phamtom !

  6. Stephen says:

    I like the wrong mug Phamtom !

    Oops sorry I mean PhaNtom.

  7. I love the mug too. I’m almost tempted to order one – after all it DOES have ‘ornate detail’. Just a shame the detail isn’t in the picture…

  8. PiratesPatch says:

    Harry is taking brotherly love a step too far marrying kate before his brother!

    Poor will’s

  9. Ruth says:

    We’ve got a street party in our road (Reynolds Place, Blackheath Standard) and the shops in the Royal Standard are doing a bit of a promotion/celebration the day after too. I was handed a flyer for it today. It’s from 12-4 on Saturday 30th and the shops are handing out free raffle tickets in the days leading up to it. There are more details at