Small Issues

Just been looking at pages 23 and 24 of this week’s Big Issue which have sundry special offers from Greenwich retailers as some kind of advertorial promotion thingy.

Most of them are money off stuff or extra freebies – 20% off veg at the Creaky Shed for example, or a free coffee if you eat in at Royal Teas. All very useful – there are eight vouchers in total, all of which are places where I have bought something in the past. I shall be getting the Phantom scissors out.

But my favourite offer is definitely from the traditional games shop Compendia.

“Free game of Carron with staff.”

In these cash-strapped days, it’s interesting to see that Compendia have decided to give extra value in a way other than money off. They’ve thought about what their customers like – playing games – and worked out a way where they don’t have to lose money from sales, but they still get people through the door (and presumably if you work in a games shop you like playing games too, so everyone wins.)

I wonder if other stores will start thinking in similarly lateral ways and start doing special offers that make you smile. Money off is all very nice, but I rather like Compendia’s make-do-and-mend approach. I’ve never played Carron before but hey – I’ll give it a go.  I wonder what their next offer will be “Help put together 3,000-piece jigsaw of the Royal Wedding,” perhaps?

2 Comments to “Small Issues”

  1. sunay khan says:

    Yeah I remember hours of Carron as a drunk/etc student years ago in Camberwell. SOOO addictive. and lots of fun. now I play under the bridge up Brick Lane market! glee!

  2. greenwich Rant-On says:

    Maybe you should address some serious issues, someone is listening out there.