No Time For Bed

Remember this guy? Ex-goalie/fireman Lloyd Scott who after discovering he had leukemia ran the London Marathon three weeks before his bone marrow transplant and went onto a career raising money for charity.

The moment that sealed his fame/notoriety was  in 2002 when it took him an entire week to ‘run’ the  Marathon in a diving suit – and was disqualified for taking too long. He had the last laugh of course – last time I looked, the suit was in the NMM with an illuminating description…

Since then he’s done all sorts of stunts, many of them on Marathons – like the year he was Indiana Jones, dragging rather than running away from that giant boulder:

Trouble is, his costumes usually weigh him down so much that by the time he gets to Greenwich town centre, everyone’s normally packed up and most of us miss him. So after I failed to see him as Indy, I wrote to him, to get the timings for the next year, when he was the Iron Giant (or, if you’re still Ted Hughes fans, The Iron Man) which meant Simon was able to snap this for me…

Lloyds just let me know the times for  his latest exploit, this year’s Marathon, when he’ll be crawling round the course as Brian the Snail…

I’m not sure when he did this photo shoot outside the NMM with sundry pals, but it looks like it’s going to be a bit of a slog (I reckon Florence and Dylan get a much easier job of it, presumably they’re on bucket-patrol; I was rather disappointed to see that Zebedee isn’t on a real spring…)

Lloyd tells me  ”I can assure you progress is very slow and painful”, so he won’t be getting to us until Good Friday.

He will be leaving East Greenwich Fire Station on the morning of the 22nd April and hopes to reach the Maritime Museum before the end of the day (yeek!) so pretty much any time that you wander along Traf/Woolwich Road on that day you should see quite a sight.  On Easter Saturday he will be in Greenwich, heading out towards Deptford.

If you’d like to see Lloyd moving at a snail’s pace, here’s a little preview – he’ll be doing 26 miles of this:

Of course he’ll be collecting for Action for Kids along the way but if you’d like to put a few coins in his cyber-tin, you can donate here

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3 Comments to “No Time For Bed”

  1. Lara says:

    Hiya Phantom, could you ask Lloyd if he could publish his route for all to see? I would like to pimp him. :) .

    Going to support him on Saturday on his Greenwich leg.


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