Look Mum, No Wire

Not sure what’s caused the change of heart, but I’m delighted to note that the entrance to Greenwich Beach at the east end of the Five Foot Walk is now open again. I had feared that the Health & Safety guys had put that wire contraption up for good in case drunk people from the Trafalgar found their way onto the steps and slipped or something, but happily it’s gone and the entrance is once again open to all.

Of course it was never impossible to get onto Greenwich Beach; there was always the King’s Steps and the ‘secret’ entrance up by the power station, but it’s actually quite a walk between those two, not a great prospect if the tide’s coming in and you need to get onto high ground smartish. The middle set of steps is a welcome sight at tide-turn, I can tell you from experience.

I can’t remember who it was was asking the other day about tide tables for Greenwich – apologies – but you can find them all at the Port of London Authority.

I’m always surprised at how empty the beach is – even in weather like this – and no, the tides aren’t SO scary you wouldn’t want to spend an afternoon there. You just don’t see the sort of hoards you used to get in the early to mid 20th Century (there’s a good pic here. ) It’s fantastic for beachcombing centuries of London’s detritus, of course, and you see the odd person wandering up and down with a carrier bag of loot (though I’ve only ever found bits of pot and Greenwich Pensioners’ pipes) but no one ever seems to take a stripy deckchair, a flask and a hanky to knot on their head down there any more.

Perhaps we need to do a flash Phantom Deck Chair/Rolled up Trousers and Hanky-On-The-Head Beach-In…

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2 Comments to “Look Mum, No Wire”

  1. rp says:

    Was reconnoitering the Thames path yesterday, up to the dome, it is all accessible but much of it in a sorry state these days and difficult to find anything of real interest – mostly dormant and awaiting the developers – the treasure of pre-dome walks virtually all gone…

  2. Jen says:

    Took a stroll along here last Sunday and found hundreds of bones washed up. Not uncommon on a river as large as the Thames but a grisly find all the same.