Steven (with a ‘v’ – though we have so many Stephens/Stevens/Stevies/Steves/Stevos round here it’s getting very complicated) is wondering whether anyone can recommend a dentist in West Greenwich who is ‘good/trustworthy/competent‘. He’s looking for the full monty (in the pre-1997 sense of the word) as he says “after the obligatory pain I am looking to get a cosmetic overhaul, as it were.”

7 Comments to “Dentists”

  1. Sally says:


    I go to Greenwich Dental Practice near the station and see Mr M-S. He has a very long name that I can’t rememebr, but if you ask for ‘Mr M-S’ at reception they know who you mean! I avoided the dentists until I saw him and he was so good I’m actually going to keep the 6 month check up.

  2. Harveyrabbit says:

    Go to East Greenwich and register with the Westcombe Park practice,they are brilliant there and really professional. My husband has had cosmetic work there and was really impressed. I go there every six months and everyone is super friendly too.

  3. Ilona Mc says:

    Another thumbs up for the Westcombe Park Practice. I see Greg (though presume others are good too) as does my husband and though he rarely has much positive to say about dentists he highly approved of this one.

  4. Jonathan says:

    I go to the one on Creek Road, next to the pharmacy under the flats. Very good service when I went last year.

  5. sally says:

    Merivale Dental Practice on South Street. Probably pricey in comparison to others but great. Emma is easily the best dentist I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen a few. My husband sees Matthew and also speaks highly of him.

  6. Helen says:

    Also really like Westcombe Park, right next to station, very new building and they often accept NHS patients. Zahida rather painlessly took a tooth out for me and Ross was really nice too. They also always call you and remind you about your appointment very professional.

  7. Chris O says:

    Another +1 for Westcombe Park (particularly Rumit in my case, but Greg’s also great). So good that friends from Putney and Leytonstone have registered there too!