Waiting Area

A few months ago this was a grassy area, then, overnight it was shingled over. Now we know why because Stephen’s found a sign to tell us. Has anyone ever seen this used as a waiting area? Mostly I just see confused tourists wandering around until they see some movement towards the jetty…

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3 Comments to “Waiting Area”

  1. Dave48 says:

    Never seen it used and as they have closed the near by boarding jetty, you now board by the foot tunnel entrance, I don’t suppose it ever will be.

    I can tell you that the dog looks like Molly (Dolly?) the Labrador who, when the tide is out, can be found having a saunter along the shore line and taking the occasional swim.

  2. Nick Martin says:

    No doubt something to do with ‘Health & Safety’. Can’t have tourists slipping on wet grass, can we ?

  3. Indigo says:

    I bet you an almond croissant that this new “waiting area” is one of the holding pens for people going to and coming away from the equestrian events. To prevent dangerous over-crowding. It isn’t big enough to hold thousands, so there will have to be others.

    I am soooooo glad now that I don’t live in central – used-to-be-lovely-and-quirky – Greenwich.