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After the sadness of losing the sweet little bandstand concerts in the Park yesterday, a little positivity – and perhaps a hint as to what the brass bands should be doing – getting bigger and plugging-in. If you’re big enough an act, people can actually make a buck out of you,  and it’s business as usual. This is supported by Greenwich Council (brass bands – take note – the cash is over here…) I don’t know whether the council stands to make money from it or not, though judging from the ticket prices, it’s just possible.  

Not that I’m moaning about the Greenwich Summer Sessions planned for this year. Oh, no. I’m absolutely delighted at the lineup and the Phantom Webmaster is already salivating at the idea of a Status Quo mosh pit next door to a brewery. The acts have been scheduled for maximum Southeast London-ness, which is a welcome sign.

I’m not going to go on about it here as the sessions have been blogged to death already – check out Darryl at 853 and for more on that. I’m only really writing about it because fabbo photographer Warren King sent me these pics of some of the musicians (the odd-woman-out is Olympic judo hopeful Gemma Gibbons; I don’t think she’s also a Shirley Bassey tribute act, but who knows…) but if you haven’t already read the line up and got your diaries out then you can find all the info fit to print here. Should be a good season.

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Press Launch for Greenwich Summer Sessions 2011
Press Launch for Greenwich Summer Sessions 2011

Press Launch for Greenwich Summer Sessions 2011
Press Launch for Greenwich Summer Sessions 2011

3 Comments to “Summer Sessions 2011”

  1. Chris Sellers says:

    Wow! I have just been on to the Greenwich Summer Sessions website and they have really cranked it up an knotch from last year. I went to the Jools Holland evening and was really impressed with the quality of the production (especially considering this was apparently the first year). Really strong line up in a great setting which has now been proven as a great venue for Outdoor Musical events. Having lost the Beer and Jazz Festival I will be sure to be giving GSS my backing this year. Divine Comedy and Squeeze tickets already in the back pocket!

  2. I’m sure the cheque’s in the post as we write, Chris ;-) Seriously – it does look a good lineup.

  3. Chris Sellers says:

    What can I sya I had a really great time last year, and felt they deserved a bit of credit!