Juan Sebastian El Cano

Txarli took this pic of the Spanish Navy’s training ship Juan Sebastian El Cano currently in Dock. Txarli doesn’t say where it is, but I’m guessing from the angle that it’s up by Wood Wharf. According to Wikipedia which, of course, knows everything, she was built in 1927 and is the third largest tall ship in the world.

She’s on her way to Hamburg, apparently.

Stephen got a pic of her during the day:

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tall ship by stephen low
tall ship by stephen low

Tall ship Juan sebastian el cano 2 low
Tall ship Juan sebastian el cano 2 low

13 Comments to “Juan Sebastian El Cano”

  1. John Devlin says:

    Does anyone kinow how long this tall ship will be moored at Greenwich?

  2. Embarrassingly this is all I know. I may try and get up there later to ask.

  3. Ebspig says:

    Apparently the Juan Sebastian El Cano glided past the party for the Greenwich Millennium Embroideries book launch right on queue – but presumably the Hamburg trip is the primary reason for the visit!

  4. Aw – how can you say that? I’ve heard that Spanish sailors are very partial to a bit of embroidery – they’ll travel many miles to see excellent tapestries…

  5. James G says:

    Awwww – I saw the masts from my bedroom window last night and thought they might have made some progress on the Cuty Sark! Disappointing…

  6. Oh – Ebspig – what’s all this about a Millennium Embroideries book, then?

  7. Dazza says:

    Sorry ‘he’ not ‘she’.

  8. John Devlin says:

    I’ve found the info myself on the Spanish Navy website: it seems that the Elcano will be here until 16th March.

    here’s the link:


  9. Ebspig says:

    Yes, “Stitches in Time” is the book about the making of the Greenwich Millennium Embroideries (it had its official launch at the Greenwich Heritage Centre on Saturday afternoon). It’s a smashing volume, all about the stages in the project, and best of all biographies of all the embroiderers (just think what fun it would be to have had biogs on the Bayeux Tapestry stitchers…!) Can be bought from Greenwich Heritage Centre, Warwick Leadlay had some for sale some weeks ago and prob. the Tourist office, or, of course, direct from FoGME(¬£15.00 a copy)

  10. Toria says:

    She’s in the usual ‘parking bay’ where the cruise ships and aircraft carriers always park when they visit Greenwich. :) Very nice view from my kitchen window.

  11. JAMES says:

    Do you know where the HMSD Bulwark is being moored in Greenwich?

    Where is the best place for a member of the public to view it?

  12. Not sure, I’m afraid, James – I’m chained to my desk today. But you won’t be able to miss it, I’d say, if you just go down there. I think it’s at 10.30 and 12.30 but don’t quote me on that.