Jewellery Stall

Eve asks:

“I am looking for a stall that I discovered in a Friday Greenwich market which was situated right at the end of the market (where the food stalls are now) about three years ago.  I bought a lovely bead necklace and matching earrings which were unfortunately stolen.  The prices were very reasonable and I think the maker was a young man who got a lot of his beads from India.  Do you know where I can find him now? I appreciate that it is not much to go on!  He did not seem to have the stall long.”

The Phantom replies

I’m assuming that since the market was on a Friday it was in the covered building, rather than the old Village market or the randomly-named Clocktower version? I always thought that the Friday market was for nominal antiques, but it sounds as though this was a new-goods stall.

I guess one of the USPs of markets is their transient nature – you have to buy on the spot as you might never see the stall again. I confess I don’t know what happened to this chap – perhaps you could ask the market organisers if they have an address for him (their office is, if memory serves, in Turnpin Lane) , but if you don’t know who he was, it’s not an awful lot to go on.

Maybe someone else remembers this stall?

One Comment to “Jewellery Stall”

  1. annabel says:

    there seems to be a vintage jewellery stall on a Friday and there is definitely a lady on Saturday and Sunday that sells many necklaces and jewellery sets, she seems to have a triple stall, best thing is to keep popping down there but these two I am referring to are quite regular. Good luck, I too had jewellery burgled a while ago but thankfully they didn’t take items like Amber and turquoise and coral, I think they thought they were plastic lucky for me. Good luck replacing your possessions.