Is This The End Of Tunnel Closures As We Know Them?

Well, not quite – but there seems to be a faint light at the end of the Blackwall Tunnel at last.

Apparently ‘phenomenal progress’ means we’ll only suffer three more total Southbound weekend closures before the work’s finally done, bringing the total to seven rather than the projected ten. Of course the excruciating overnight closures rumble on, but they ¬†apparently forgot to to mention that in the press release…

For your diaries, the closures will be on:

* 21:00 Thursday 21 April – 05:00 Tuesday 26 April (Easter Bank Holiday weekend)
* 21:00 Friday 10 June – 05:00 Monday 13 June
* 21:00 Friday 12 August – 05.00 Monday 15 August

and the tunnel is projected to reopen completely in December this year. Fingers crossed, eh…

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