High Tide / Low Tide

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Dennis took his own advice and went out to photograph both tides. The glorious giffery is all mine though. Don’t blame him…

Having mastered the Thames tide tables, Dennis tells me “I only wish there were a tidal chart for Turnpin Lane, so I could plan to be absent when the waves of drunks start lapping against the threshold.”

5 Comments to “High Tide / Low Tide”

  1. 58frankh says:

    Low tide is at least 10 yards further out than that

  2. Benedict says:

    ohhh ,its making me feel a little sea-sick watching that…

  3. Dennis says:

    Makes me feel seasick as well. I think it needs a slightly longer time delay between frames.

    @58frankh – yup – low tide is a lot lower but I didn’t get up early enough on Sunday to manage it

    Tides should have been slightly more extreme today. Hopefully someone with a better camera/ability than mine managed a decent shot or two.

  4. Okay I slowed it down. Still not a masterpiece. Soz.

  5. Benedict says:

    Beware the (t)ides of March ?