High and Low

Thames Barrier closed

Just a quickie – Dennis, who actually knows how tide-tables work says that today,

“Assuming I’ve understood the charts at http://www.pla.co.uk we should have humorously low and high tides.”

Might make for some amusing photo opportunities.

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Thames Barrier closed
thames barrier closed

4 Comments to “High and Low”

  1. Steve says:

    As it happens, we did have a nice time on the beach yesterday afternoon by the Ecology Centre when the tide went out.

  2. Julian Oliver says:

    It was certainly high enough to be splashing through the rowing club gates just along from the Trafalgar yesterday afternoon.

  3. Dazza says:

    According to my IPhone App (yes, I know, sad enough to have one) there’s a couple of 8.0m+ tides coming up, 14.48 today, 03.00 tmrw and then 15.30. I wondered if they will shut the barrier??

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