Greenwich Book Time Closing Down Sale

It comes to a pass when the bottom falls out of the remainder book trade. Once there were branches of Greenwich Book Time all over town; now it seems that even the last one’s on the way out. Funny, I thought they did a pretty good trade – it opened sensible hours which saw much passing custom from bus stop-waiters, people going to and from the station and on their way to the cinema. Always seemed quite full. 

Let’s hope they’re just doing what that mirror shop on Woolwich Road does from time to time – bluffing…

5 Comments to “Greenwich Book Time Closing Down Sale”

  1. Ebspig says:

    Aaah… They told me that they were closing for a short time to refurbish and completely change the stock. Which might be a shame, because the old range was wonderfully quirky. We shall see…

  2. Well reopening is a good move. And let’s face it, a remainder bookshop is always going to be quirky by its very nature. That’s good-ish news, Ebspig.

  3. Gemma says:

    My husband was told the same thing Ebspig, fingers crossed! There used to be so many, it would be such a shame to see the last one go.

  4. Irksome, indeed, if true. I’ve had many a fine and enjoyable book from there.

    I have also long haunted the remaindered shops on Charing Cross Road but they are dwindling too. They are also nothing like the good value they used to be.

    5-10% of the original sale price used to be the norm, but in the West End these days that gets to be more like 30%.

  5. Bea Starr says:

    My Friends works there…. It’s all just to get rid of old stock!!!