For Balance

A couple of weeks ago, Stephen took some photos of the non-crowds on the first day of charging at the Observatory. For balance, he went back last week, at the same time of day, to see how things were faring.

To be fair, it would seem from this picture at least, that tourists are beginning to return after the shock of going from no pence to ten quid overnight. Not in the numbers they used to be, granted but perhaps now it’s the ones who do actually want to see the exhibits rather than just pose for a cheesy snap. Let’s not forget that practically anywhere else in the world you have to pay to get into pretty much anywhere even slightly visitor-oriented. I’m sure people are just used to coughing up.

There are still a fair few though, who can’t or won’t pay just to straddle an imaginary line. Stephen says that this picture reminds him of Billy Bunter, his nose pressed to the tuck shop window with not enough money in his pocket for a single gobstopper.

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2 Comments to “For Balance”

  1. Better that those who want to go in and look at things pay and those who want to lark about in the yard aren’t permitted to. This is just a return, surely, to the status quo ante. 10 quid seems a little steep, though perhaps public money isn’t as readily available.

  2. Dave48 says:

    I dare say over the next couple of months the numbers will increase as operators start to include the cost in their tour package.

    This of course wont help the one off visitor who wants to do the Greenwich tour….mind you at the moment there’s no a lot to see unless you’re into building sites.