Cathy asks:

Could anyone recommend a good chiropractor in the Blackheath/Greenwich area? I have so far been unable to find any reviews on the internet and I don’t feel inclined to let anyone manipulate my neck without a recommendation!

The Phantom replies:

I’m afraid I’ve never visited a chiropractor here or anywhere else, so I can’t help you, Cathy. But I bet someone here has.

12 Comments to “Chiropractors”

  1. Steve says:

    I have used the lovely French chiropractor J B Garrone many times and he is excellent.

    145 Lee Road
    SE3 9DJ
    020 8463 0607

  2. Ben says:

    I can heartily recommend Joel Meredith in Canary Wharf.


  3. katee says:

    I would have thought Laban Health would have one (Creekside, Deptford) and they have amazing facilities.


  4. Andy says:

    I strongly recommend Payal at Blossom Health 020 8293 9371,

  5. M@ says:

    I’d recommend pursuing all other alternatives first. The scientific evidence for chiropractic is variable at best and you’re probably better off consulting a doctor. The Bupa website mentions the lack of evidence (, and you can find out more about the question marks over the profession here:

  6. Jon Lee says:

    Completely agree with M@.
    There are serious question marks over these people and their treatment of Simon Singh(chasing him through the courts for daring to question them). There is little evidence it works and some evidence it is dangerous. I would advise anybody to be very careful when dealing with these people.

  7. Fiona says:

    Ive heard really good things about the greenwich natural health centre, ive never had any chiropratic treatment but a friend has, and i get the most amazing massages there!

  8. Mazer says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with Steve. I have used the chiropractors on Lee road on and off over a good few years and whomever I have seen there have been excellent, especially Mr Garrone.

    I simply don’t know about the reservations about chiropractors, I can only say that it has enormously improved the back problems I have had and my understanding of the causes, and don’t have to go regularly now.

  9. Barbara says:

    The Vanbrugh Physio centre is excellent. Just opposite the Arches centre. I’ve had treatment from physios and chiropractors and an osteopath. I have to say that a physio was the best option in getting to the root cause and removing it. The other two simply treated the problem, effectively and giving much relief but it was not remedied. All three professions highly recommended Pilates for sorting a multitude. The Laban centre is supposed to be excellent and weirdly a good yoga class can really free up your neck and shoulders, plus you can learn to touch your toes again:-)

  10. PiratesPatch says:

    Massage and Osteopath at So Organic, Nelson Road. A nice group of people.

  11. Kicki says:

    Cecilia Winter at the Vanbrugh Physio Centre is an excellent physiotherapist who also does manipulation.

    Dellas West at the Harmony Clinic in the Fitness First at London Bridge is an outstanding osteopath.

    Both are very good at finding problems and treating them, and they take a long-term approach to well-being, showing exercises to do between treatments. Also, they don’t treat patients as cash flow units – they will treat the problem within a limited number of sessions, rather than have you habitually come back again and again and again.

    I’ve had better results with them than I had with my (excellent) chiropractor to sort out back and neck injuries.

  12. Devonshire Drivel says:

    I have found physiotherapists to be much more effective and far cheaper because you don’t have to make multiple return visits. My favourites are the guys at Back2mormal at curlew St near London bridge. Particularly recommend James and TJ – both have manipulated and returned my back to full working order after traumatic injury. They recommend pilates and yoga to strengthen as much as possible. When I “put my back out” as I do about once a year ,I hobble down there bent over and hey presto 45 minutes later I walk out upright feeling bruised but knowing that I am on the mend and unlikely to have to return until the next time I twist whiilst bent over – they also offer support via email . A fabulous service