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Regular readers will know that I don’t normally do “does anyone remember Fred Scroggins of Crackpot Road” posts – they’re interesting to no one except the asker, I hate family history (yes, even my own) and besides, that’s what Friends Reunited’s for. 

But there are exceptions to every rule and today, I’m going to post two of them. 

The first, mainly because there just isn’t a section on Friends Reunited for cars, is from the chap who’s lovingly restoring the 1964 Daimler Dart SP250 above. It’s made its way up to Sutton on Trent where Bob Curtis is spending every waking moment in it, under it or peering into the bonnet. And when it really is too cold to tinker, he’s indoors tracing all the former owners.

The one who’s got his goat is another Bob, Robert Frost Wilson, who lived in the cottage at Macartney House and owned the Dart between ’82 and ’88. New Bob thinks Old Bob was the guy who painted her red, but he’d like to be sure, and he’s just a little curious about the connection with Macartney House. 

So – and I promise this isn’t going to become a habit – does anyone recall seeing this little beauty zipping around Greenwich in the 80s? Do you remember Bob? Or are you Bob?

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Dart Jan 2011
Dart Jan 2011

3 Comments to “Va Va Voom”

  1. JP says:

    I knew Mr Wilson from about 1988 until about 1998 or so when he died or left the cottage. I don’t recall the red Daimler Dart but do remember he had two or three great old cars in the time that I knew him. In particular, I used to admire a 1960s (?)grey Merc. He was an absolute gentleman of a type seldom encountered today. He did have at least one son, who I think he said lived fairly locally.
    Hope that helps. JP

  2. Kate says:

    I went to school with Robert Wilson (Thomas Tallis) the Robert I knew would be 50ish now and he owned vintage cars and motor bikes. He was living in Macartney House in the mid 70s I was slightly confused about JP’s comment about him possibly dying/moving away, are we talking about different generations of Robert Wilsons or are they one and the same. He was a lovely person then and I can well imagine him being an absolute gent as an adult. Kate

  3. Martin says:

    I went to Primary school ( All .Saints on the heath )with Robert Frost Wilson .So that would be 67 -72 ish . An only child he was a lovely gentle boy . We lost touch as we went to different secondary schools .

    His parents were lovely people.
    I don’t recall his Dad having the same Christian name.
    What I do recall is he loved to drive his Blue Rover with gleaming spoked wheels and vaguely remember there where some vintage cars which rarely saw daylight .

    The cottage was unlike any body else’s house I knew . Wood panelled walls with lots of paintings . Cosy.
    Although I understood the cottage had the wow factor I was too young to know why.

    I know nothing of the family background , but with the benefit of time I came to realise they probably had money & breeding .

    I am very saddened to read about the death of any of these lovely people .